Vestry, 2 May 1844

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR237/8/1

Parish of Buckingham
Winslow Union
County of Buckingham

At a Meeting of the Rate-payers of the above Parish and owners of Property therein entitled to vote pursuant to an Act passed in the fifth Year of the reign of his late Majesty King William IV intituled “An Act for the Amendment and better Administration of the Laws relating to the Poor in England and Wales” at the Vestry Room of the Church in this parish on Thursday the second day of May 1844 pursuant to the Notice of such meeting duly published and given on Sunday the twenty eighth day of April 1844.

Mr John Bull, Chairman

It was resolved
That the Churchwardens and Overseers shall and they are hereby directed to raise the sum of Eighty pounds as a Fund for defraying the expenses of the emigration of poor persons having Settlements in this parish and being willing to emigrate to be paid out of the Stock invested in the £5 per centum Consols in the names of the Guardians of the Winslow Union for the benefit of this parish, if the Poor Law Commissioners will sanction the same and if not then out of the rates raised or to be raised for the relief of the Poor in this parish and to be applied under such rates orders and regulations as the Poor Law Commissioners shall in that behalf direct.

That the following sums of money shall be supplied to the several Emigrants on arrival at Australia     
To each Single person above 14 Years of Age  £1  
To each Married Man and his Wife    £1 10s  
And for every Child under 14 years of Age the further sum of 5s

An equivalent resolution was passed at the vestry on 5 Aug 1847, and another for raising £60 on 7 April 1848.

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