County Court, 1849

Unpaid debts had to be pursued in the County Court. The cases below show that although the building of the railway brought new people and money to Winslow, it wasn't always ready money.

Bucks Herald, 8 Sep 1849

(Before J. W. WING, Esq.)

Grant King, draper, of Winslow, v. the Rev. Mr. Jones, of the same place. – This defendant was summoned for £1:14:4 for drapery. – Immediate payment was ordered.

John Scott, of Winslow, v. Edward Arblaster, contractor, late of Winslow. – Defendant was summoned for £5:15:2 for hay corn, &c. – Debt and costs ordered to be paid by the 7th September.

Wm. Varney v. Edward Arblaster. – This summons was for horse medicine, &c., amounting to £5:19:6; and, when defendant was applied to for the money, he replied in a very unsatisfactory way, and started off. – Ordered to pay.

Thomas Lee, of Winslow, v. E. Arblaster. – This summons was for £15:6, for saddlery-work done. – Defendant, on being applied to for the cash, responded, “I have something else to do besides being dunned for money.” – Ordered to pay by 7th Sept.

Wm. Jones v. Edward Arblaster. – This summons was for £11:10, for bread, &c. – Ordered to pay the amount by the 7th Sept.

Wm. Fox v. Chas. Holt, both of Winslow. – This summons was to recover £2:4:4, for sundry pints of beer.  – His Honour, in giving judgment for the sum, said publicans ought not, under any circumstances, to trust more than one week’s supply.

J. L French v. George Jennings, both of Winslow. – Defendant, who is a labourer and military pensioner, was summoned for £1:14:3, for shop goods. – Ordered to pay 10s. per month.


Edward Arblaster was the main railway contractor. J.L. French's shop was at 1 Horn Street, and William Fox kept the Railway Tavern (now Chesham House).

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