Vestry, 1863

Buckingham Advertiser, 14 Feb

  On Friday, the 6th inst., a meeting was held in the Vestry-room in the church - Mr. William Neal in the chair - for the purpose of nominating eight men to serve as constables for the ensuing year.  The following were then proposed and seconded, viz.- Thomas Simons, Thomas Ray, John Woodward, John [?=James] Yeulet, John Turnham, John Gray, jun., Richard Gibbs, and William Matthews. 

It was proposed by Mr. George Mayne, and seconded by Mr. S. B. Dudley - “That the following gentlemen form a committee to revise the Poor-rate, and make out a valuation list of the rateable hereditaments in the parish pursuant to the Union Assessment Committee Act, 1862, viz.- Messrs. M. Fulks and Benj. Todd (overseers); George Maydon, George Mayne, James King; and William Neal and Henry Monk (surveyors).”  It was further proposed - “That notice be given that at the annual meeting in March, the desirability of appointing a paid collector of poor-rates for this parish be taken into consideration.”

Bucks Herald, 28 March

At a vestry, held on Thursday, the 19th inst., there were present - Mr. John Grace, churchwarden (in the chair); Messrs. D. T. Willis, Todd, Maydon, Monk, Woodward, J. Corkett, T. Allen, Hathaway, James King, J. Ingram, Rand, C. Mayne, R. Jones, W. Neal, D. Grace, and Dr. Newham.  The accounts of the overseers for the past year were produced and allowed, as also are those of the surveyors of Winslow and the hamlet of Shipton.  Surveyors were also appointed for the ensuing year, and several persons were nominated to serve the office of overseer.  Mr. Henry Monk and Mr. R. W. Jones were nominated guardians.  The question of having a paid collector of rates for the parish was taken into consideration, and it was proposed by Mr. Hathaway, and seconded by Mr. Monk, that the proper steps be taken for a collector at a salary of £15, with £5 additional, for making out the church-rate and highway rates for Winslow and Shipton, the collector to make out and collect the lighting rate, the pay for which is to be included in the £15.  It was proposed as an amendment by Mr. J. Ingram, and seconded by Mr. James King, that there be no paid collector, which upon a division was lost.

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