11 v 22 cricket match, 1868

Buckingham Advertiser, 3 Oct


  A game of cricket which caused considerable amusement took place on the 21st ult. in a field kindly lent by Mr. J. Grace.  This match has been on the tapis some time, and looked forward to with some degree of interest, and a large number of persons attended to notice the abilities displayed on either side.  It proved to be a one-sided game, the eleven beating in one innings and runs to spare.  The experience of the club told plainly upon the twenty-two novices in this healthy recreation.  They fielded well, rendering it impossible for the twenty-two to obtain many runs.  In the evening a supper was provided at the Royal Oak.  The host of that house, Mr. J. Brise, catered well for his guests.  The chair was taken by Mr. T. Marks, supported by tradesmen of the town.  After supper several toasts were proposed, and songs, &c., were the order of the evening.  The following is the score:-

J. Walker b Ingram 0    
W. Saving b Yeulet 5    
J. Brise not out 59    
T. Morecraft c Saving, bYeulet 0    
G. Hawley b Yeulet 1    
T. Marks Saving, b Varney 10    
R. Sandiland b Yeulet 8    
J. Hawley b Ingram 10    
C. Clare b Yeulet 3    
T. Bonham ditto 0    
E. Grace b Cowley 0    
Byes, &c   2    


1st inn
2nd inn
W. Gibbs b Walker 1 c Morecraft 0
G. Hill b Saving 6 b Hawley 2
G. Saving c Marks 2 b Marks 2
J. Warner c Morecraft 0 b Hawley 0
W. Gaskins b Walker 1 l b w 2
E. East ditto 2 b Hawley 6
W. Baldwin run out 1 c Bonham, b Hawley 0
J. Yeulet ht wkt 0 b Marks 1
E. Sear run out 1 b ditto 0
J. Ingram b Walker 0 b Hawley 7
F. Welmore b Saving 0 c ditto 0
G. Ingram b Walker 0 b ditto 0
T. Saving b ditto 0 c Morecraft 1
R. Cowley b ditto 3 st Marks 5
J. Varney b ditto 0 not out 6
J. Sirett b Saving 0 c Hawley 0
D. Gutteridge b Saving 0 c Marks 3
W. Edwin not out 4 c Marks, b Hawley 0
J. Mayne c J. Hawley 1 b Marks 1
Nicholls run out 1 b Hawley 5
C. Denne b Walker 1 b Marks 1
C. Keys b Saving 0 b Hawley 0
Byes, &c   2   4
    23   46

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