Buckinghamshire By-election, 1876

There was a by-election in Bucks in 1876 when the sitting Conservative MP and Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was raised to the peerage as Earl of Beaconsfield. The Conservative candidate, Hon. Thomas Fremantle from Swanbourne, defeated the Liberal from South Bucks, Hon. Rupert Carington by 186 votes. Both sides held meetings in Winslow.

Bucks Herald, 9 Sep

  On Wednesday last the Hon. T. F. Fremantle attended the market ordinary at the Bell Hotel, when there was a large and enthusiastic assembly present to greet the hon. gentleman.  Mr. H. Monk, of Tuckey Farm, occupied the chair, and amongst the company present were- The Hon. C. Fremantle, P. Dauncey, Esq., Little Horwood; Col. Pratt, Oving House; W. Vicars, Esq., Great Horwood; H. Small, Esq., Buckingham; M. S. Lowndes, Esq., Winslow; H. B. Arnaud, Esq., Padbury Lodge; R. Doig, Esq., Lillingstone Dayrell; Captain Cecil Hubbard, Addington; Captain Brickwell, Leckhampstead; Lieut. Hooper; Rev. H. B. Hooper, Nash; Rev. J. Cross, Mursley; Rev. J. Macnamara; Rev. J. Niven, Adstock; Dr. Newham, Winslow; Messrs. T. Cross, W. Bond, G. Lapper, (Finmere), J. Burton, H. E. Gambell, W. Sare, J. Linnell, H. Brazier, R. Tattam, E. Tattam, W. Tomes, J. Dark, - Hathaway, Alderman Bradford (Buckingham), J. White, E. Rouse, B. Warr, J. W. Gough, T. H. Marks, J. Grace, G. White, W. Turner, W. Tack, J. T. Harrison, J. Hedges (Aylesbury), W. Pargeter, &c., &c.

Bicester Herald, 15 Sep

  Winslow - looked upon by some as one of the great strongholds of Conservatism - showed itself to be the reverse by the enthusiastic meeting held on Monday evening, September 11, and other displays of loyalty to the Liberal cause.  The Liberal candidate for the representation of Bucks, with his supporters, has of late been prosecuting the canvass with much vigour, and both sides express sanguine hopes of victory.  Anyone going into Winslow on Monday of last would have been struck with the way in which a town of that size had been excited by an electioneering contest, there being squibs freely circulated and placards for and against the Liberal and Conservative candidates, most conspicuously amongst them being, “Vote for Carington, the farmers friend,” and “Turk or no Turk?”  About the time announced for the meeting to be held, the Hon. Rupert Carington appeared with his friends at the Crooked Billet Inn (Mrs. Marshall’s), when he was received with some lusty hurrahs, and afterwards escorted amid cheers to the spacious tent in a field near.  Amongst the hon. Candidate’s supporters present were- Colonel Carington, D. T. Willis, Esq., T. P. Willis, Esq., Rev. C. Stubbs, Rev. Mr. Macnamara, Messrs. R. W. Jones, sen., R. W. Jones, jun., R. Viccars, G. White, W. Mead, sen., J. L. French, T. Falvey (Southampton), J. Hawley, W. Mead, jun., W. H. French, G. D. Wigley, S. Perkins, T. Holton, W. Ward, J. Small, E. Harrison,, - Winstone, A. L. Field, S. A. [=A.S.] Midgley, etc., etc.  There were about 1,000 persons present, with a large sprinkling of ladies.

This anonymous poem was printed and distributed in Winslow:

Bucks County Election.

Liberals of the Town of Winslow,
            Soon the battle will begin,
Through the Country rings the question,
            Who shall in the struggle win?

Thirty years the Tory faction
            Have in Bucks borne lordly sway,
By your stern united action
            You will bear the pain away.

Strong resolves are always needed
            To obtain a costly prize,
What can be of greater value
            Than your Country’s liberties?

Though they say your “bosh” and bother,
            And your cause with scorn revile,
Show by manly mien and temper,
            You can at their banter smile.

Trace them in historic pages,
            There you’ll find their haughty mood,
In contempt they call’d the “People”
            But the “Swinish multitude.”

Take the insult they may offer,
            And if such you pigs may be,
Show that you by word and action,
            Are the pigs of Liberty.

Should your efforts prove successful,
             And your cause you nobly earn,
At the Nation’s next Election,
            You’ll three Candidates return.

Winslow, September 19th,1876.


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