Buckinghamshire Election, 1880

There was a general election in 1880 at which the Liberals decisively defeated the Conservative government. Winslow was part of Buckinghamshire which returned three MPs, while the borough of Buckingham (now including some surrounding villages) returned one on a wider franchise. The results were:

Buckinghamshire: Elected: Robert Harvey 2,956 (Con.); Hon. Thomas Fremantle 2,790 (Con.); Hon. Rupert Carington 2,790 (Lib.)
Not elected: Frederick Charsley (Ind.Con.) 796

Buckingham: Elected: Harry Verney (Lib.) 528
Not elected: Egerton Hubbard (Con.) 520

Bucks Herald, 20 March
 The Hon. T. F. Fremantle, M.P., dined at the market ordinary at the Bell Hotel, Winslow, on Wednesday, when there was also a large attendance of gentlemen and farmers of the neighbourhood present.  Mr. H. Monk presided, and amongst the company we noticed, Mr. P. Dauncey, Colonel Pratt, Colonel Cecil Hubbard, Messrs. M. S. Lowndes, H. Small, C. Hooper, H. M. Bradford, T. Ridgway (Bourton Grounds), Morris, Hawkins, Linnell, Gough, Ridlington, Page, Coates, J. Terry (Aylesbury), Swain, Jno. Grace, Colgrove, G. King, Webb, Woodward, Bell, Rogers, Brooks, Roberts, Adams, Johnson, G. Humphries (Buckingham), Biggs, J. Wilson, &c., &c., 

Buckingham Advertiser, 27 March
  A LARGELY attended meeting of the Liberal Committee of the District was held at the “George” Inn, on Tuesday evening last, Mr. S. Jones in the chair.  The meeting was addressed by Mr. R. W. Jones, Mr. J. L. French, Mr. H. Wigley, Mr. W. H. French, Mr. G. O. Tite, Mr. A. R. French, Mr. J. Sear, and Mr. T. P. Willis (the Liberal agent), and great regret was expressed at the refusal of the Hon. Compton Cavendish to contest the county in conjunction with Mr. Rupert Carington.  A deputation from the non-electors of the district, of whom Mr. T. Saving acted as spokesman attended with a petition which was read by Mr. W. H. French, and cordially endorsed by the meeting, Mr. T. P. Willis promising that the deputation should have every facility to have an interview with the Hon. Rupert Carington should he visit Winslow, and if not he would forward the petition to Wycombe.

Buckingham Advertiser, 3 April
  On Wednesday evening a fairly attended meeting was held in the large room of the Bell Hotel.  Mr. Charsley was suffering from a severe cold, and as he could not prevail upon any gentleman present to take the chair, spoke without a chairman.  His address was principally an explanation of the manner in which he had come forward as a candidate for the county, and he complained very much of the unfair manner in which he had been treated by the leaders of the Conservative party.  He also spoke on the necessity of the alteration of the tithe laws, and said that the present members had not done their duty towards the agricultural classes.  Mr. Charsley spoke for about an hour, but was frequently interrupted, chiefly by the conservatives.  The meeting closed with shouts of “Sir Harry [Verney] for ever.”

Bicester Herald, 23 April,
  LIBERAL FESTIVAL AT WINSLOW.- On Thursday, April 15, there was a dinner to celebrate the election of the Hon. Rupert Carington as member for Buckinghamshire, in the Liberal Committee rooms at the George Hotel, Winslow.  Between 40 and 50 gentlemen were present, including the influential and foremost Liberals of the town.  Mr. Silvanus Jones presided.  The Rev. Charles W. Stubbs, vicar of Granborough, delivered an excellent address on the political situation.  Mr. W. H. French, Mr. E. J. French, Mr. H. Wigley, Mr. G. D. E. Wigley, Mr. James Walker, and T. P. Willis Esq., also addressed the meeting.  Mr. H. Wigley sang several songs, one of which, composed expressly for the occasion by himself, and circulated in the room, was as follows:-
Good news o’er our country, we all rejoice to say.
That Carington has thrashed his foes and won the glorious day;
The battle has been fought and gained, and laurels deck his brow,
The struggle’s o’er, the victory’s sure, we’ve reached the climax now.
Chorus- Then praise be to the name of Carington’s fair fame,
            Who fought so hard and nobly for the cause,
            May he long remain M.P., and we live long to see,
            And a statesman prove for just and righteous laws.
Though vanquish’d, he was not cast down when first he did appear,
When the Tories gave their watchword for Bible and for beer,
He only had to bide his time, and now he’s gain’d the day,
Henceforth the Liberals will maintain Old England’s mighty sway.
He boldly challenged all his foes amidst their brag and boast,
Regardless of Lord Beaconsfield and all his mighty host,
The Liberals cause throughout our land has triumph’d in the right,
We’ve put the Tories to the rout in honourable fight.            

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