Early Closing

The early closing of shops for a whole afternoon (Thursday in Winslow) became a legal requirement under the 1911 Shops Act. A very limited form of early closing was introduced much earlier:

1876: Buckingham Advertiser, 3 June

To the Editor of the Buckingham Advertiser

  SIR- Will you allow me a short space in your paper for a few words on the above subject.  Some few months ago, an agreement was made by the tradesmen of this town to close their Establishments at 6 o’clock p.m. every Thursday, to allow the assistants a little more recreation, and as the summer time is coming on it will be appreciated more by them, but lately I find two or three not sticking to the rule, but closing at eight or nine o’clock p.m. as on other nights.  I have often heard of the “early bird to catch the worm,” and perhaps the defaulters think they will catch the last “copper” that is to be had.  In conclusion I thank the principal tradesmen for not being overruled by such ones, who keep their establishments open till such late hours.
                                                   I am, Sir, yours &c.,
  Winslow, May 31st 1876.                                             AN  ASSISTANT.

1884: Buckingham Advertiser, 5 April

NOTICE is hereby given that the Principal Tradesmen of Winslow will Close their Establishments at FOUR p.m. on THURSDAYS, during the months of April, May, June, July, August and September; other nights at 8 p.m., Saturday excepted.

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