Winslow Town F.C. (founded 1891; became Winslow United 1895)

Winslow's original football club ran from about 1878 to 1884 (read more). A new club was formed in 1891 as a result of the activities of the Reading Room and its associated cricket club.

NB The results given on this page have been compiled from various local newspapers. The fact that no report appeared for a particular date does not necessarily mean that there was no match played.

1891: Bicester Herald, 23 Oct

  FOOTBALL MOVEMENTS AT WINSLOW.- A public meeting was held on Tuesday evening, October 13, at the Parish-rooms, Market-square, Winslow (Mr. Herbert Bullock in the chair), to ascertain the feeling of the inhabitants of this town as to resuscitating the football club which formerly flourished in Winslow.  The meeting was well attended.  Mr. Pass at the chairman’s request, explained the objects of the meeting and apologised on behalf of the vicar, who had intended to be present.  He also added that if a club were started he had been promised support from several gentlemen in the neighbourhood including the Vicar, Mr. Norman and Dr. Creasy the latter being present.  The proceedings were business-like throughout, the only difficulty appearing to be as to a suitable ground but no doubt this difficulty will be got over on appealing to the generosity of some of the inhabitants who have always supported anything in the way of healthy recreation for the people of Winslow.  It was resolved that this temporary obstacle should not hinder the formation of the club and the election of officers was accordingly proceeded with as follows:- Captain, Mr. Pass; vice-captain, Mr. B. Sanderson; committee, Messrs. H. Bullock, F. Sturch, C. Ingram, Whitaker, H. Boulter, and Wilfrid French (who was empowered to draw up rules, &c.); and hon. secretary and treasurer, Mr. W. N. Midgley, who forthwith proceeded to enroll members a good start being made.  It was decided that the club colours be dark blue and white, that the subscription be low (at least for the present), that fixtures be arranged as quickly as possible and that all club notices be posted in a prominent position in the High-street.  A hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Bullock for presiding brought the successful proceedings to a well finished close.

A trial match was held on 3 Oct between teams selected by George Pass (National School) and William Warne (High School).

The new club's first match was played on 31 Oct at the Flower Show Field, lent by T.P. Willis.  Winslow beat Granborough 3-1.
H. Bullock, goal; Norman, Biswell, backs; Ingram, Sturch, Colgrove, half-backs; R. Creasy, W.N. Midgley, left forwards; B. Sanderson (captain), centre; Langley, Young, right forwards.

On 7 Nov, Winslow lost 1-7 at home to the “old-established team” of North Marston.

On 21 Nov, Winslow Town played Winslow High School (past and present) on the school ground, and the Town won by “5 goals (one disputed) to 2”.  Mr Warne the referee disallowed the disputed goal.
Tompkins, goal; Rev. T.K. Norman, Wheele [Whittaker?]r, backs; Sturch, Colgrove, Ray, half-backs; Pass (captain), Midgley, left wing; Butler [Boulter?], centre; Sanderson, Bullock right wing.

On 5 Dec, Winslow won 6-0 at home to Bletchley.  Scorers: Creasy, Pass, “a bully in front of goal”, Sanderson, Creasy, Sanderson.
Sturch, goal; Whittaker, Colgrove, backs; Ray, Midgley, Ingram, half-backs; Neill, Pass (captain), left wing; Creasy, centre; Sanderson, Bullock, right wing.

On 12 Dec, Winslow High School (past and present) beat Winslow Town 2-1.  The report referred to “frequent changes in the town team (which, by the bye, should not be allowed)”. W. Sanderson of Magpie F.C., London, was referee, and the match was played on a pitch lent by W.S. Neal.
White, goal; Rev. T.K. Norman, W. Neal, backs; Pass, Ingram, Midgley, half-backs; Rev. P.H. Eliot, B. Neill, Bullock, Creasy, Boulter, forwards.

On 19 Dec Winslow beat a “poorly represented” Waddesdon 5-0 on a hard and slippery pitch.  Winslow’s team included Watkins of North Marston as back and Bayliss in goal.  Pass, Neal and Creasy were among the forwards.  Referee: Mr Sturch.

On 30 Jan 1892 a Winslow team badly depleted by influenza lost at Bletchley.

4 Feb: lost 1-2 at home to S.F.G. James' XI (Schorne College).

13 Feb: lost 1-3 at home to Schorne College. Scorer: Creasy.
Sear, goal; Whittaker, Haines, backs; Midgley, King, “sub.” half-backs; Neill [=Neal], Pass, Creasy, Bullock, “sub.” forwards

3 March: lost 1-4 at home to Buckingham Town ("return match"). Scorer: Midgley.

5 March: Winslow Town Reserves beat Winslow High School 2-1 on the School Fields.

17 March: won 3-2 at home to Buckingham.

23 March: Winslow Town Reserves beat Winslow High School 3-0 on the School Ground.
Collier, goal; Mayne, Yeulett, backs; Clare, Watson, Sear, half-backs; Sturch, Burden, Lann, Colgrove, Smith, forwards

1892-93 season

1892: Buckingham Advertiser, 17 Sep
Winslow Football Club.
  The annual business meeting of this Club was held at the Parish Reading Room on Monday night, and the large attendance as well as the interest shown speaks well for its future prospects.  The chair was taken by Mr. J. Holding (Magpie Football Club, London), and the first business was the production by the secretary of the balance sheet for the past year, which, showing a small balance in hand, was enthusiastically passed.
  The Rev. P. H. Eliot, vicar, was next re-elected President, and Mr. W. N. Midgley secretary, Mr. Pass paying a deserved compliment to the latter by saying it was probably through his care and efforts the balance was not considerably on the other side.
  Mr Pass was unanimously re elected Captain, and considerable pressure was brought to bear on Mr. B. Sanderson to accept the office of Vice-Captain.  As he declined to do so, however, on account of pressure of other engagements, Mr. Syratt was elected to the post.
A Committee consisting of Messrs. Haynes, Sanderson, Garner, B. [=H.] Bullock, B. Colgrove, and Rev. T. K. Norman, was next chosen.
  The secretary then read challenges from- Buckingham (2), Schorne College, Bletchley (2), Cosgrove, Stantonbury Unity, and Wolverton Town- It was decided to leave these in the hands of the Committee, only suggesting that perhaps it might be a difficult matter to get teams for one or two of the more distant matches, unless they could be arranged to be played at home.
  The question of shirts was next discussed, Mr. Midgley proposing to adopt half shirts with the club colours, dark blue and white.- Mr. C. Watson seconded- Mr. Sanderson proposed, and Mr. B. Colgrove seconded, the sticking to the old colours, white with a blue band, and this latter was carried by a strong majority.
  The question of raising the amount of subscription, which is at present only 1/-, was discussed, but the feeling of the meeting was decidedly against it, so much so that no one would move a resolution in its favour.
  A goodly amount of subscriptions was then taken by the Secretary, and the meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the chairman, proposed and seconded by Mr. Pass and the Rev. T. K. Norman.

15 Sep 1892: won 2-1 at home to Buckingham.

15 Oct: lost 2-4 at home[?] to Cosgrove.

29 Oct: drew 2-2 at home to Quainton
Winslow 2nd Eleven drew 2-2- against St John's Royal Latin School at Buckingham.

5 Nov: won 3-2 away to Schorne College.

12 Nov: won 5-3 at home to Bletchley. The match was played in the Flower Show Field.

3 Dec: lost 1-5 at home to Stantonbury.
A. Haynes, goal; Rev T.K. Norman, T. Norman, backs; A. Siratt, J. Scarsbrook, C. Garner, half-backs; Pass, Merry, Clarke, Rev. P.H. Eliot, H. Bullock, forwards

17 Dec: won 3-1 at home to Cosgrove.

26 Dec: away v Stantonbury: abandoned
Buckingham Advertiser, 31 Dec
  STANTONBURY ROVERS V. WINSLOW.- This game was played on Boxing-day, and ended in a fiasco.  The Rovers had secured two goals, and Winslow had one, and was just scoring another, when one of the home team accused a Rover of unfair play.  This led to blows between the two, and the Rovers rushed off the ground to the nearest public, and were no more seen.

28 Jan 1893: drew 3-3 with North Marston Reserves.

1 Feb: a "Town Team" beat Winslow High School 3-0 on the school ground.

4 Feb: won 3-2 at home to Schorne College. George Pass arranged the match to raise money for the poor and unemployed. Afterwards a hundredweight of coal was distributed to each of "thirty deserving cases".

8 Feb: Congregational Guild beat Winslow High School 3-0.

23 March: lost 0-6 away to Buckingham 2nd XI.

25 March: lost 2-4 at home to Buckingham Teachers.

20 April: Congregational Guild drew 1-1 away to Middle Claydon.

1893-94 season

1893: Buckingham Advertiser, 23 Sep
    The annual business meeting of members was held on Friday evening, in the Parish Readinng Room, and was very fairly attended, among those present being- Messrs. Pass (captain), Midgley (hon.sec.), Langley, C. Watson, A. E. [=A.J.] Fulks, E. W. French, G. Midgley, B. Colgrove, etc.
  Mr. Pass was moved to the chair, and explained that the meeting was called rather earlier than usual, because football really now began in summer, and it was necessary that the committee should be appointed so that they could arrange matches and begin at once.  He then called upon their treasurer and secretary,
  Mr. Midgley, who said unfortunately their finances were not so flourishing as might be desired, there being a balance due to him of 15/11, as well as several outstanding bills, the whole showing a deficiency of £3/13/8.  He explained that this was partly caused by the club having to pay fares, etc., for other clubs to visit them, because of the difficulty in getting members to play out-town matches, but who were ready to play when the match was at home, also there was considerable expenditure in telegrams to members in getting up the matches.
  The Chairman confirmed this, and said he thought it was better to get teams to come to Winslow and thus get a good game, even if they had to have an entertainment or something to pay for it.
  Mr. Ingram called in question the action of the captain having so many outsiders to play when there were members in the town who wished to play and were not asked.
  Mr. Pass said he was quite unaware that it was so, and instanced the fact that when they sent notices inviting every one to come there were only five turned up, so they were often dependent on outsiders.  He should only be too pleased if members would give in their names to him for playing in matches.
  Mr. Ingram thought the members ought to be asked, as it was not likely they would go after the captain and tell him they wanted to play.
  Mr. Pass said that was the rule, and he appealed to Mr. Langley, who confirmed it.
  The selection of officers next took place, when Rev. P. H. Eliot was re-elected president; Mr. Pass, captain; Mr. Sirett, vice-captain; and Mr. W. N. Midgley, honorary secretary, hearty thanks being accorded him for his services.  Messrs. Bullock, Saunderson, and B. Colgrove, were re-elected on the committee, with Messrs. C. Watson and J. Budd as new members.
  The Chairman then asked for any suggestion from those present, remarking that they wished to make it a popular game for the town.  He was obliged to Mr. Ingram for mentioning the matter he had, and added that they thought of arranging some six-a-side competitions, which would give every member a chance of seeing what he could do.
  The meeting then broke up with a vote of thanks to Mr. Pass.

23 Sep 1893: Winslow Junior Rovers (at this stage a separate club, apparently associated with the Congregational Guild) drew 1-1 at home to Bletchley Star
C. Ray, goal; G. Mayne, J. Budd, backs; A. Colgrove, J. Elley, J. White, half-backs; J. Langley, R. Yeulett, G. Rose, H. Burdon, S. Midgley, forwards

30 Sep (report in Buckingham Advertiser, 7 Oct)
  FOOTBALL.- The handbills advertising a six-a-side competition on Saturday, September 30th, in the Flower Show Field (kindly lent by T. P. Willis, Esq.), brought forth so many entries that it was decided to change the competition into a nine-a-side contest, of half-an-hour each.  In the first round, Mr. Dolman’s team had to face a team captained by Mr. Pass, and succeeded in forcing a draw of 1 goal all.  The draw was fought off, and resulted in a win for Mr. Dolman’s team, by 2 goals 1 point against 1 goal 1 point.  The second round was also very close, and ended in Mr. T. Newman’s nine, beating Mr. F. Young’s by 3 goals to 2.  The final round was very exciting, and was won by Mr. Newman’s team, beating Mr. Dolman’s to the tune of 1 goal to nil.  Many spectators watched the contests.

7 Oct: Winslow Town won 3-2 at home to Cosgrove.

14 Oct: Winslow Town won 3-2 at home to Wolverton Town.
H. Burdon, goal; T. Newman, H. Young, backs; C. Watson, Midgley, J. Henley, half-backs; G. White, J. Budd, right wing; A. White, centre; W Dolman, J. Dolman, left wing

21 Oct: Winslow Junior Rovers won 3-1 at home to Buckingham Reserves.

26 Oct: Winslow Junior Rovers won 4-1 at home to Winslow High School.

28 Oct: Winslow Town won 3-1 away to Schorne College.

2 Nov: Winslow Town lost 0-7 away to Buckingham.
C. Ray, goal; Newman, J. Budd, backs; C. Watson, A. Sirett, S. Barton, half-backs; Geo. White, C.N. [W.N.?] Midgley, right wing; C.N. Phillips, centre; W.J. Luckman, G. Midgley, left wing

8 Nov: Winslow Junior Rovers second XI beat Grandborough Valiants 5-1.

11 Nov: Exeter College Oxford did not arrive for a match arranged to be played at the Flower Show Field.

18 Nov: match v St John's College at the Flower Show Field abandoned because of the weather.

25 Nov: Winslow Town lost 1-2 at home to Schorne College.

2 Dec: lost 1-2 at home to Magdalen College Oxford 2nd XI.
White, goal; Watkins, Newman, backs; Dolman, Garner, Young, half-backs; Pass, Anstiss, Budd, Luckman, Young, forwards

16 Dec: Winslow Town lost 1-5 at home to Launton.

26 Dec: Winslow Town lost 0-3 at home to Waddesdon Reading Room. "Waddeson played a very rough game, injuring several of the Winslow team." Garner had two ribs fractured.
Winslow Junior Rovers lost 1-5 at Bletchley.

13 Jan 1894: Winslow Rovers won 4-1 at home to Middle Claydon.

Thu 18 Jan: Winslow Town lost 2-4 at home to North Marston 2nd XI.

20 Jan: Winslow 2nd XI won 5-2 away to Buckingham Reserves. Scorers: Pass, White.

27 Jan: Winslow Junior Rovers won 2-0 away to Middle Claydon.
Winslow Town 2nd XI drew 3-3 with Winslow High School.

Thu 1 Feb: lost 0-4 at home to Buckingham.

3 Feb: Winslow Rovers won 3-1 at home to Winslow High School

10 Feb: Winslow High School lost 2-3 to Oxford High School on the "Town Ground"

17 Feb: Winslow Town v Bicester Harriers cancelled due to the weather

22 Feb: Winslow High School 1 Winslow Town 1 on the "School Ground"

24 Feb: Winslow High School lost 1-2 to Banbury Ark House School on the "Winslow Town Ground"

28 Feb: Winslow High School beat Magdalen School, Brackley, 2-1 on the "Winslow Town Ground"

3 March: Winslow Town 2nd XI beat Winslow High School 7-1.

Fri 9 March: Winslow Junior Rovers won 8-0 at home to 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards Drummer Boys.
H. Burdon, goal; G. Mayne, J. Budd, backs; H. Ray, G. Rose, J. Elley, half-backs; J. Langley, S. Young, G. Collyer, R. Yeulett, S. Midgley, forwards

10 March: Winslow lost 1-3 away to Bicester Harriers. Winslow refused to play on after one of their players was injured.

17 March: Winslow Town 1st XI beat Winslow High School 3-2 on the School Ground.

7 April: Winslow Rovers lost 4-5 at home to Bletchley.

Rovers' record for the season: P16 W10 D1 L5 F49 A27

Wed 11 April: Winslow Rovers beat Winslow High School 3-1 on the School Ground.

1894-95 season

22 Sep 1894: Winslow Rovers lost 1-12 to Bletchley Station at Fenny Stratford.

Thu 27 Sep: Winslow Rovers played away to Grandborough Stars; result not given.

6 Oct: Winslow Rovers won 5-4 at home to Stony Stratford; played at the cricket ground
W. Roberts, goal; J. Clare, J. Langley, backs; W. Taylor, G. Rose, G. Mayne (captain), half-backs; G. White, G. Taylor, C. Newman, J. Budd, T. Newman, forwards

Thu 11 Oct: Winslow Rovers won 3-0 away to Grandborough Stars
R. Stonhill, goal; G. Mayne, J. Clare, backs; C. Watson, W. Midgley, H. Ray, half-backs; H. Smith, W. Roberts, G. Pass, H. Burdon, T. Young, forwards

13 Oct: lost 1-3 to Schorne College

Thu 18 Oct: lost 2-3 at home to Buckingham

Wed 31 Oct: Winslow Rovers 2nd XI beat Winslow High School 4-1

3 Nov: Winslow Town lost 1-6 at home to Keble College, Oxford
Clare, goal; Watkins, Eliot, backs; Dolman, Young, Mercer, half-backs; Bullock, Budd, Allan James, White, Pass, forwards

10 Nov: Winslow Oddfellows lost 2-5 away to Buckingham Oddfellows
Winslow Rovers won 5-0 at home to Wolverton Wesleyans

17 Nov: Winslow Rovers won 5-2 at home to Grandborough
W. Roberts, goal; G. Mayne, Hustwaite, backs; H. Ray, G. Taylor, W. Elley, half-backs; G. White, G. Taylor, J. Budd, A. Brazil, J. Langley, forwards
Winslow (Town) lost 2-3 away to Schorne College

22 Nov: Oving v Winslow Rovers

24 Nov: Winslow Town won 2-1 at home to Trinity College, Oxford

1 Dec: Winslow Oddfellows beat Buckingham Oddfellows 3-2 at Winslow Rovers' ground

5 Dec: Winslow Town won 2-1 at home to Exeter College, Oxford; played at the cricket ground

15 Dec: Winslow Rovers lost 1-3 at home to Bletchley

No results found for January and February

20 March: Winslow Rovers lost 1-4 at home to Granborough
Roberts; Mayne, Foskett; Langley, Burdon, Deacon; Varney, Atkins, Bull, Crips, J. White

Thu 11 April: Winslow lost 2-4 at home to Schorne College

Winslow United F.C. (from 1895)

1895-96 season

Winslow Town and Winslow Rovers combined to form Winslow United at the start of the 1895-96 season.

12 Oct: won 4-2 at home to Schorne College
Taylor; Mayne, Ray; Elley, Brazell, Roberts; Taylor, King, Bailey, Pass, Smith

Thu 17 Oct: lost 1-4 away to Buckingham

19 Oct: won 5-3 at home to North Marston
Taylor; Ray, Hawtin; Smith, Brazell, Roberts; King, Pass, White, Young, Taylor

Thu 24 Oct: lost 1-4 at home to Brasenose College, Oxford

9 Nov: lost 2-3 away to Bletchley
Taylor; Ray, Watson; Elley, Brazell, Smith; Taylor, Young, Spencer, Pass (2), King

Buckingham Advertiser (16 Nov)
  A general meeting of the members of the Winslow United Football Club, was held in the Reading Room, on Tuesday, November 12th.- Mr. Geo. Pass in the chair.  The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.  The next business was to elect a new captain in the place of Mr. Geo. White, who is leaving the town, and Mr. Hugh Ray was proposed, seconded, and unanimously elected, with Mr. W. Taylor, as sub-captain, and Mr. T. Bailey was elected to be on the Committee.

16 Nov: drew 3-3 at home to Wolverton Wesleyans

Tue 19 Nov: lost 3-5 at home to 1st Coldstream Guards Drummers (who were invited and entertained by Mr & Mrs Lambton)
Taylor; Ray, Mayne; Yeulett, Brazell, Elley; Bailey, Smith, Spencer, Young, Taylor

23 Nov: won 1-0 away to Leighton Town

30 Nov: drew 0-0 away to Buckingham Oddfellows

7 Dec: lost 0-2 away to Schorne College

14 Dec: lost 1-2 at home to Bletchley
scorer: Ray

18 Jan 1896: lost 1-6 away to Buckingham

25 Jan: won 4-1 at home to Wolverton Trinity

15 Feb: lost 0-5 away to Bicester Harriers
Jackman; Mathison, Mayne; H. Smith, C. Watson, E. Hawtin; T. Taylor, S. Midgley, H. Ray, E. Bryden, W. Taylor

22 Feb: won 4-0 at home to Schorne College

29 Feb: lost 2-4 at home to Bicester Harriers
W. Taylor; Ray, Hawtin; Smith, Brazell, J. Elley; G. Taylor, E. Bryden, Robins, S. Midgley, Spencer

7 March: lost 3-4 away to Quainton
Jakeman; F. Ray, G. Mayne; W.E. Hawton, F. Spencer, H. Smith; G. Taylor, E. Bryden, R. Yeulet, W. Taylor, J. Rolfe

Thu 12 March: drew 2-2 at home to Buckingham

Thu 19 March: lost 5-7 at home to Oriel College Oxford

21 March: lost 0-1 away to Schorne College

Good Friday (3 April): lost 0-3 away to Aylesbury Night School

4 April: won 4-1 at home to Wolverton Trinity

Easter Bank Holiday (6 April): won 2-1 at home to Quainton

25 April: lost 1-3 at home to Aylesbury Night School

1896-97 season

1896: Buckingham Advertiser, 15 Aug
  FOOTBALL CLUB MEETING.- The annual meeting of the United Football Club was held in the Parish Reading Room, on Friday evening, and was well attended.  The Vicar presided, and amongst those present were Messrs. H. Ray (Captain), C. Watson (Secretary), J. Langley, junr. W.  Hawtin, J. Keys, junr., F. King, A. White, J. Budd, G. Taylor, etc.- The secretary read the balance-sheet for the past year, starting with a deficiency of 17/6, and showing receipts of £2/12/- honorary members; £2/2/- ordinary members; and 4/- donations; gate money, £1/12/-; total, £6/10/-; while the expenditure (including last year’s deficiency) amounted to £6/9/-; thus giving a balance in hand of 1/-, which the Chairman remarked was most satisfactory.  The balance-sheet was passed unanimously.  The secretary reported that they played 26 matches, 16 of which were at home, and 10 away, and of these they lost 16, won 8 and 2 were drawn; the goal score being 54 won; and 74 lost.  Mr. Pass was the highest scorer, with 10 goals for 10 matches, and G. Taylor second with 10 goals for 19 matches.  He referred with regret to the loss the Club had experienced in the death of its President, the late Mr. H. R. Lambton, and stated that Mr. Wm. Lambton had very kindly continued to allow them the ground [i.e. Bridge Field, Great Horwood Road].  He also read a letter from Mr. W. F. Eliot, of Oriel College, Oxford [brother of the Vicar], in answer to one expressing the sympathy of the Club with him in the severe accident which he met with when he brought the Oriel team to [from] Oxford, Mr. Eliot expressing himself confident of its being purely accidental.- The Chairman said that although the accident was much to be regretted, as his brother had to be laid up or go on crutches for three months, and would probably never play football again.  Yet he knew he enjoyed the play very much at Winslow, and was quite certain that the injury was caused accidentally by someone passing, and only to be looked upon as the “fortunes of war.”  The next business was the election of officers, and on the proposition of Mr. Ray, seconded by Mr. Budd, Mr. William R. Lambton, of Redfield, was unanimously elected President of the Club; Mr. Ray having declined to act as captain again, Mr. Pass’s name was mentioned, but it was stated to be almost certain he would not accept the post, and Mr. W. E. Hawtin was chosen.  Mr. Watson stated that he could not possibly undertake the duties of secretary and treasurer for the forthcoming season, and Mr. Stanley Midgley was appointed in his stead; Messrs. Pass, G. Taylor, J. Langley, Geo. Mayne, W. Taylor, and J. Budd, were elected the committee.  Votes of thanks to the retiring officers were unanimously passed, and also to the Chairman, and the latter in response, said he was pleased to see they were so enthusiastic he trusted their enthusiasm would continue, and that they would have a successful season.

19 Sep: won 5-4 at home to Haversham
Scorers: Pass 3, Taylor, Budd

Thu 24 Sep: drew 4-4 at home to Leighton [or Linslade] Spartans

26 Sep: drew 2-2 at home to North Marston

Thu 1 Oct: lost 1-5 away to Aylesbury Town

3 Oct: won 2-0 away to Bletchley
Scorers: Rolfe, Taylor
Jackman; Mayne, Young; Smith, Mathison, Ray; Taylor, Budd, Pass, W. Taylor, Rolfe

Thu 8 Oct: lost 6-8 at home to Oving

10 Oct: lost 0-4 at home to Aylesbury Night School
Jackman; Newman, Young; Ray, White, Smith; Morey, Elley, Budd, Pass, Taylor

17 Oct: lost 2-3 at home to Stantonbury Unity Reserves
Jackman; Young, Budd; Taylor, Smith, White; G. Taylor, Forster, Rolfe, Hogg, Kitto

24 Oct: drew 2-2 at home to Stantonbury St James
Jackman; Young, Budd; Ray, Smith, White; Elley, Midgley, Rolfe, Pass, Taylor

31 Oct lost 0-7 away to Bicester "A"
Jackman; Budd, T. Young; Smith, W. Taylor, White; Jones, A. Grimsley, Dean [these three players were "borrowed" from Bicester "B"], S. Young, G. Taylor

7 Nov: won 3-0 at home to Buckingham
Scorers: Pass, Rolfe, ?
Jackman; Young, Budd; Newman, Smith, Ray; Taylor, Pass, Rolfe, S. Young, Hawtin

14 Nov: lost 2-3 at home to Wolverton St George's

28 Nov: won 1-0 away to North Marston
Scorer: Pass
Jackman; Newman, Budd; Ray, Smith, White; Pass, W. Taylor, Rolfe, Young, G. Taylor

12 Dec: won 2-0 away to Schorne College
Scorers: G. Taylor, W. Taylor
George Taylor was seriously injured and the Bucks Herald (26 Dec) reported that he would have to keep to his bed for some time and might have damaged his leg permanently.

16 Jan 1897: lost 0-4 at home to Bicester

23 Jan: away to Buckingham

Thu 18 Feb: won 2-1 at home to Aylesbury Town

20 Feb: lost 2-3 at home to Wolverton St George's

Thu 4 Feb: lost 1-3 away to Leighton Spartans (return fixture)

[unknown date]: drew 1-1 away to Waddesdon

[unknown date]: drew 2-2 away to Stantonbury St James

13 March: won 5-2 at home to Waddesdon

Mon 15 March: won 4-0 at home to Coldstream Drummers
Scorers: Young, Hawtin, Pass 2

20 March: lost 3-4 at home to Stantonbury St James

27 March: lost 3-4 away to Oving

1897-98 season

Buckingham Advertiser, 21 Aug
  FOOTBALL CLUB.- The annual business meeting of this Club was held on Tuesday evening, at the Infant School, the Rev. W. F. Armstrong presiding.  There was a capital attendance, including Messrs. E. Hawtin, C. Watson, G. Taylor, Kitto, junr., J. Budd, H. Smith, White, W. Jackman, Yeulett, Knight, Morris, G. Mayne, H. Burdon, etc.- The balance-sheet was submitted by Mr. Hawtin, and showed the receipts of last year to be £8/13/10, which included 1- balance from the former year; £2/15/-, donations: £2/8/-, members’ subscriptions; and £3/7/4, gate money.  The expenditure was £8/9/6, leaving a balance of £4/4/- in hand.  The balance-sheet was passed unanimously.- The next business was the election of officers and Committee.  W. Lambton, Esq., of Redfield, was unanimously re-elected President of the Club, Mr. E. Hawtin was elected Captain; Mr. H. Smith was nominated Vice-Captain but he proposed Mr. Hugh Ray and on a show of hands, the latter was carried by a  large majority.  Mr. C. Watson was proposed as secretary and treasurer.  Mr. Watson said he should like the members to clearly understand that if they elected him there would not be so many matches played as last year.  His reason for that was that they had entered the league this year, and he wanted them to win it.  But if they played too many little matches the players got tired before the good matches came round, and it was impossible to get a good team.  On the nomination being put to the meeting, Mr. Watson was unanimously elected, and the Chairman remarked that he evidently possessed the confidence of the Club, although he would not promise to give them all they wanted.- For the Committee the voting was as follows, the first six being elected:- G. Pass, 28; G. Taylor, 27; W. Taylor, 26; G. Mayne, 23; Anstiss, 22; H. Smith, 22; W. Knight, 20; J. Langley, 20; J. Budd, 16; R. Yeulett, 15; Jos. Walker, 14; A. Ridgway, 10.- Mr. Hawtin then proposed a selection Committee to pick the teams for matches.  This was put to the meeting, and carried, the Committee to consist of captain, vice-captain, secretary, and Messrs. C. Ingram, G. Pass, and J. Gates.- Mr. Hawtin proposed and H. Smith seconded, that the Club adopt new colors.  This was put to a vote, and lost by 15 to 5.- Mr. Hawtin next proposed that the subscription be increased from 1/- to 2/-.  Mr. H. Turnham seconded, but an amendment moved by Mr. C. Watson, and seconded by Mr. Kitto, that the subscription remain as it is, was carried by a large majority, Mr. Watson promising to do his very utmost to obtain donations.- The meeting then concluded with a very hearty vote of thanks to the Vicar for presiding.

Buckingham & District League

The Buckingham & District League was formed at a meeting at the White Hart, Buckingham, on 19 June 1897.

18 Sep: lost 1-5 away to Wolverton Trinity

2 Oct: lost 4-6 away to North Marston

9 Oct: lost 0-2 at home to Stantonbury St James
H. Smith; T. Newman, W. Price; H. Ray, G. Mayne, E. Hawtin; W. Taylor, G. Pass, J. Langley, A. Edwins, G. Taylor
Linesman: C. Watson

16 Oct: won 3-1 away to Bletchley

30 Oct: drew 2-2 at home to Stantonbury Unity
H. Smith; T. Newman, W. Price; E. Hawtin, G. Mayne, H. Ray; W. Taylor, G. Pass, Rev. W.H. Shackel, S. Midgley, G. Taylor

20 Nov: won 6-3 away to Stantonbury Unity

27 Nov: won 1-0 away to Buckingham
Scorer: Midgley
Smith; Budd, Price; Hawtin, Ray, Mayne; G. Taylor, Midgley, Newman, Pass, W. Taylor

4 Dec: won 5-2 at home to North Marston
Smith; Newman, Price; Hawtin, Mayne, Ray; W. Taylor, Pass, Budd, Reynolds, G. Taylor

11 Dec: won 3-1 at home to Hanslope
H. Smith; T. Newman, W. Price; E. Hawtin, G. Mayne, H. Ray; W. Taylor, G. Pass, J. Budd, S. Midgley, G. Taylor

15 Jan: lost 0-1 at home to Buckingham
According to a letter to the Buckingham Express by a Winslow supporter this was "about the roughest bit of play this season".

22 Jan: lost 0-10 at home to Wolverton Trinity
Winslow played with ten men.

29 Jan: lost 0-3 away to Hanslope

5 Feb: drew 2-2 at home to Bletchley
Smith; Budd, Price; Ray, Mayne, Hawtin; W. Taylor, Pass, Midgley, Paine, G. Taylor

Bletchley then withdrew and their record was expunged

[uncertain date] lost 0-3 to Stantonbury St James

  P W D L F A Pts
Stantonbury St James 12 9 1 2 37 12 19
Wolverton Trinity 12 7 3 2 37 13 17
North Marston 12 6 1 5 32 25 13
Stantonbury Unity 12 5 3 4 17 16 13
Winslow 12 4 1 7 22 42 9
Buckingham 12 3 2 7 9 28 8
Hanslope 12 3 0 9 19 37 6

Aylesbury & District League Division I

There were two regional divisions; the only other teams in Winslow's were Waddesdon and Aylesbury United Reserves.

25 Sep: lost 3-7 at home to Waddesdon

18 Dec: lost 0-6 away to Waddesdon
Winslow played with only nine men.

26 Dec: drew 1-1 at home to Aylesbury United Reserves

19 March: lost 1-2 away to Aylesbury United Reserves
Smith; Price, Young; Ray, Mayne, Paine; G. Taylor, S. Midgley, Budd, Pass, W. Taylor

Other matches

Thu 9 Sep: won 3-0 at home to Leighton Spartans

Thu 14 Oct: won 11-0 at home to Buckingham Thursday

Fri 22 Oct: Winslow Juniors won 10-2 at home to 2nd Coldstream Guards Drummer Boys

6 Nov: won 4-2 at home to Bicester
H. Smith; J. Budd, C. Watson; E. Hawtin, G. Mayne, H. Ray; W. Taylor, G. Ingram, C. Wheeler, A. Edwin, G. Taylor

13 Nov: lost 1-4 at home to Jesus College, Oxford

26 Dec: won 7-2 at home to Brill

1 Jan: won 1-0 at home to Quainton

18 Jan: won 6-1 at home to 2nd Coldstream Drummers
Scorers: Wright 4, Pass, Taylor

19 Feb: lost 2-6 at home to Exeter College, Oxford
Smith; Budd, Bullock; Watson, Ray, Knight; W. Taylor, Pass, Mayne, E. Taylor, G. Taylor
Referee: Mr J. Gates

Thu 10 March: won 1-0 away to Leighton Spartans

12 March: won 10-2 at home to Schorne College

30 March: lost 1-4 away to Buckingham

2 April: won 3-0 away v Bicester

9 April: Aylesbury Football Festival
Preliminary Round matches were 10 minutes each way. Points were scored by hitting the "side goals" or getting 3 corners.
Chesham Generals (1 goal 1 point) beat Winslow (1 point)
H. Smith; W. Price, E.H. Paine; H. Smith, 2 absentees; W. Taylor, G. Pass, S. Midgley, G. Taylor, A. Edwin

According to the report of the season (below), 1 win, 4 defeats, and 1 reserve win are missing.

According to the Bucks Herald (7 May), Winslow were one of the clubs consulted about the formation of the Ascott Thursday League. However, they did not compete in it in 1898-99.

1898-99 season

13 Aug: Bucks Herald
  ANNUAL FOOTBALL MEETING.- The annual business meeting of the Winslow United was held in the Infant School on Wednesday evening, and was fairly attended.  The Rev. W. H. Shackel presided, supported by Mr. Clement Watson, hon. secretary and treasurer, and among others present were Messrs. G. Reynolds, H. Ray, S. Midgley, H. Turnham, H. Smith, G. Ingram, jun., H. Varney, &c.  Mr. C. Watson gave the balance sheet of the club, showing that it started the year with 4s. 4d. balance in hand; the honorary subscriptions were £4:19:0; members’ subscriptions, £3:12:0; gate money, £6:14:6; sale of fixture cards, 4s. 3d; total receipts, £15:14:1; while the expenditure exceeded this amount by £1:3:8½.  The report stated that the Club has played 14 Buckingham League matches, of which they have won 5, lost 7, drawn 2; 4 Aylesbury League matches, of which they have won 0, lost 3, drawn 1; 18 friendly matches of which they have won 10, and lost 8; 2 reserve matches, both won.  The total number of goals was 105 won to 107 lost, and the premier place was taken by Mr. Stanley Midgley, with 13 goals for 14 matches.  The report and balance sheet were adopted.  The next business was the election of officers for the season.  Mr. H. Ray was unanimously elected captain, on the motion of Messrs. Reynolds and Turnham; Mr. Geo. Reynolds was appointed vice-captain; Mr. C. Watson hon. sec. and treasurer; and for the committee Rev. W. H. Shackel, Messrs. Pass, Mayne, G. Taylor, Stanley, Midgley, and H. Turnham.- The Treasurer then pointed out that there was a deficiency on the year’s working, and asked whether any remedy could be devised.  He said they had 68 members last year, the subscription being 1s. per head, and as he felt that a good many of them could not afford any more, he did not like to propose increasing the subscription for fear of driving them away; but he would suggest that those who could afford it should pay 2s. or 1s. 6d. each; there were a few who paid 2s. last year.- No proposition was made on the subject, and it dropped.- It was unanimously agreed to join the Buckingham League.- A vote of thanks to Mr. W. H. Lambton for being president, and for kindly lending the ground, was proposed by the Chairman, and seconded by Mr. Watson, and concluded the business.

19 Nov: Bucks Herald
I understand that Mr. William Lambton, the president of the Winslow Football Club, has most kindly erected a pavilion for the Club's use.

8 Dec: a fund-raising concert was held in the Boys' School, organised by Mr C. Watson.

Buckingham & District League Division 1

17 Sep: lost 2-4 away to Stony Stratford
Smith; Mayne, Budd; Hawtin, A.N. Other, Clarke; White, Ray, Beckett, Lambourne, Edwin
Scorers: Lambourne, Clarke

24 Sep: drew 2-2 away to Wolverton Trinity
1 Oct: won 2-1 away to Newport
These two results were cancelled due to Winslow playing an ineligible man, and the matches were ordered to be replayed. However, by 19 Nov they had been reinstated.

29 Oct: lost 1-5 away to Stantonbury St James
Smith; Mayne, Griffin; Ray, Dudley, Anstiss; Lambourne, Rose, Clarke, Howarth, Anstiss

12 Nov: lost 3-4 at home to Newport Pagnell
Smith; Mayne, Griffin; Ray, Dudley, W. Anstiss; Lambourne, Rose, Clarke, E. Anstiss, A. Anstiss
Scorers: E. Anstiss 2, Lambourne

3 Dec: drew 1-1 at home to Stantonbury St James
Smith; Lloyd, Budd; Ray, Dudley, Newman; Rose, Lambourne, Clarke, E. Anstiss, A. Anstiss
Scorer: Clarke

26 Dec: won 4-3 at home to Buckingham
Smith; Lloyd, Newman; Ray (cap.), Dudley, Garner; A. Anstiss, E. Anstiss, Clarke, H. Verney, Lambourne
Scorers: Lambourne, Clarke 3
Buckingham Express: It was estimated that fully 800 spectators surrounded the ground, which, by the way, had been roped off, through the generosity of Mr. W.H. Lambton, thus keeping the crowd from encroaching on the field of play.
Bicester Herald: This league match took place ... before a crowd of about 500 spectators.

14 Jan: drew 1-1 away to Buckingham
Probable team: Smith; W. Price, R. Lloyd; E. Hawtin, E. dudley, H. Ray; A. Anstiss, E. Anstiss, Clarke, Sims, E. Lambourne
Bucks Herald: ... in the presence of about 400 spectators ...
Buckingham Advertiser: ... witnessed by about 500 persons ...

28 Jan: drew 0-0 at home to Wolverton Trinity
Smith; Budd, Price; Ray, Mayne, Newman; Lambourne, C. Midgley, Rose, E. Anstiss, A. Anstiss
"Winslow were minus their crack forward, Clarke, as well as Dudley, the centre half-back, who was playing for Aylesbury in the Amateur Cup"

11 Feb: lost 2-6 at home to Stantonbury Unity
Smith; Budd, Blackall; Ray, Rose, Newman; Lambourne, Parmiter, Clarke, E. Anstiss, A. Anstiss

18 Feb: drew 0-0 at home to Stony Stratford
Bucks Herald: About 400 spectators were present, a large number hailing from Stratford, including the members of the Town Band. The homesters were minus A. and E. Anstiss and Dudley ...

18 March: lost 0-9 away to Stantonbury Unity
"Winslow came with several men short"

  P W L D F A Pts
Stantonbury St James 12 9 2 1 30 11 19
Stantonbury Unity 12 7 4 1 33 16 18
Stony Stratford 11 7 2 2 30 15 16*
Newport 12 4 6 2 31 38 10
Buckingham 12 4 6 2 22 36 10
Winslow 12 2 5 5 18 36 9
Wolverton Trinity 12 0 9 3 11 34 3

* 2 points deducted for fielding an ineligible player.

Other matches

8 Oct: lost 0-5 away to Leighton Cee-Springs

22 Oct: won 10-3 at home to Exeter College, Oxford
Smith; Budd, Mayne; Ray, Dudley, S. Anstiss; A. Anstiss, Howarth, Clarke, Rose, Lambourne
Referee: Mr C. Watson

Thu 3 Nov: lost 0-5 away to Buckingham
Smith; Watkins, Baggott; Ray, Dudley, Midgley; Lambourne, Rose, Howarth, Reynolds, Watson

19 Nov: lost 3-5 at home to Old Salopians, Oxford
Smith; Newman, Budd; Ray, Rose, W. Anstiss; Lambourne, Mayne, Howarth, A. Anstiss
Referee: Mr C. Watson

26 Nov: won 2-1 at home to Brackley
Jackman; Watson, Budd; Mayne, Ray, Rose; Edwin, Rowe, Howarth, Smith, Taylor
Referee: Mr J. Gates

10 Dec: Winslow United Juniors 2 Wolverton Victoria 6
Taylor; Beckett, Turnham; Robinson, Bull, Foster; Cripps, White, Edwin, Keys, Rowe

17 Dec: lost 2-3 at home to Waddesdon
Jackman; Budd, Ward; F. Anstiss, Rose, Foster; Taylor, White, E. Anstis, Edwin, Rowe

Thu 12 Jan: Addington 1 Winslow Church Institute 8

Thu 9 Feb: won 5-3 at home to 1st Coldstream Guards (Drummers)
Smith; Budd, Price; Foster, Rose, Beckett; Edwin, C. Midgley, S. Midgley, Rowe, Ingram
Scorers: S. Midgley 2, C. Midgley, Foster, ?

25 Feb: Wolverton Victoria 2 Winslow Juniors 0

Easter Monday tournament at Aylesbury
Round 1: bye
Round 2: beat Aylesbury Swifts by 2 corners to 1
H. Smith; E.H. Paine, A. Blackall; H. Ray, E. Dudley, G. Rose; Lambourne, Davy, Parminter, E. Anstiss, A. Anstiss
Semi-Final: lost to Chesham Generals by 1 corner to 2 + 1 side goal

1899-1900 season

1899: Buckingham Express, 26 Aug
  FOOTBALL CLUB.- The annual business meeting of this club was held at the Infant School on Monday evening and was excellently attended.  The Rev W H Shackel occupied the chair, and was supported by Messrs C Watson, J Roskelly, H Ray, H Smith, G Rowe, Webster, &c.  Mr Watson, hon secretary and treasurer, produced the accounts for the season 1898-9 showing that the receipts and expenditure about balanced, and as he was retiring from office a very hearty vote of thanks was passed for his services.  Captain W H Lambton was unanimously re-elected president of the club, and its very best thanks were rendered to him for kindly lending the ground and otherwise aiding the club.  Mr Hugh Ray being unable to continue to act as captain, Mr J Budd was appointed to that post with Mr Ray as vice-captain.  Mr H J Smith was appointed secretary and treasurer in the place of Mr Watson, and the following were chosen committee- Messrs G Rowe, W Wise, C Mayre [=Mayne], G Taylor, A Edwin, and G Ingram.  It was decided that the club should again join the Buckingham District League.  The proceedings closed with a vote of thanks to the Chairman.

Buckingham & District League Division 1

16 Sep: lost 0-4 at home to Leighton Cee-Springs
Smith; Ray, Budd; Garner, Dudley, Verney; Paine, Lambourne, Clarke, Anstiss, Edwin

7 Oct: lost 2-4 at home to Newport

28 Oct: lost 0-14 away to Newport

4 Nov: lost 2-9 at home to Wolverton Trinity

25 Nov: lost 0-2 at home to Stony Stratford

2 Dec: lost 0-3 home to Stantonbury St James
S. Lapper; F. Garner, Blackall; D. Foster, H. Ray, G. Rose; Gowen, H. Cripps, H. Smith, Reynolds, E. Anstiss

9 Dec: Winslow scratched match at Hanslope; points awarded to Hanslope

26 Dec: lost 2-3 away to Buckingham
Smith; Prince, Budd; Ray, Foster, Rose; Paine, Gowin, Midgley, Knight, Ingram

20 Jan 1900: drew 1-1- at home to Buckingham

27 Jan: lost 2-6 at home to Hanslope

Other matches

26 Dec: lost 1-4 away to Aylesbury United Reserves
S.D. Lapper; W. Price, G. Rose; H. Ray, D. Foster, G. Taylor; E. Hart, H. Verney, J. Budd, C. Midgley, H. Burden

Buckingham Advertiser, 24 Feb 1900
  We hear on good authority that Winslow have been permitted to resign from the Buckingham League, want of success and a dearth of players accounting for this unsatisfactory state of affairs.

Buckingham Advertiser, 10 March 1900: Berks & Bucks FA
  The Buckingham and District League reported that Winslow United F.C. had failed to pay certain fines under the League rules, and had resigned membership.- The Winslow F.C. is not affiliated to the Association, and it was decided that no affiliated club should be allowed to play against the Winslow club until the fines were paid.- It was also decided to call the attention of the League to the fact that Winslow not being affiliated to the Association, were not eligible for membership of the League.

Tue 9 April: won 2-1 away to Buckingham
Scorers: Bird, Hancox [Hancock?]

Easter Football Tournament at the Vale Ground, Aylesbury
Round 1: bye
Round 2: beat Oving (2 goals + 1 side goal to 3 side goals + 5 corners).
Semi-final: lost to Chesham Town (1 corner to 1 goal + 1 corner), but Winslow lodged a successful complaint against the eligibility of one of the Chesham players
Final: lost to Bowes Park (1 goal + 3 corners to 3 goals + 5 corners)
Smith; Price, Foster; Ray, Midgley, Paine; Ingram, Bull, Wise, Taylor, Hancock

1900-01 season

1900: Buckingham Advertiser, 29 Sep
  The Winslow United Football Club commence the season on Saturday next, Sept. 29th, with a friendly against Grandborough.  Through the energetic efforts of the officers, the club was able to show a slight balance in hand on last season’s working.
  The prospects of the club are very promising as most of the old players are available, with several additions.  The club has entered the Aylesbury and District League, and also the Berks and Bucks Junior Cup.  For secretary the club has again obtained the services of Mr. H. J. Smith, who, we hear, is to be married on the 16th of October.  We wish him every happiness.

Berks & Bucks Junior Cup

Round 1: bye

Round 2, 17 Nov: lost 2-5 at home to Chesham Generals Reserves
Taylor, Price Smith; Wise, Ray, Gaunt; Ingram, Hancock, Paine, Bull, Stonnell
Scorers: Ingram, Bull

Aylesbury & District League

10 Nov: won 5-1 at home to Aylesbury Swifts
Taylor; Smith, Price; Gaunt, Ray, Wise; Hancock, Lundy, Ingram, Bull, Stonnell
Scorers: Price, Ingram 2, Ray, Bull

Other matches

30 Sep: won 10-1 at home to Granborough

6 Oct: lost 1-2 away to Buckingham

27 Oct: lost 5-6 away to Royal Latin School

Thu 8 Nov: won 4-1 at home to Buckingham

22 Dec: won 2-1 at home to Buckingham

Thu 28 Feb: away to Bicester

Thu 7 March: at home to Bicester

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