Church terrier and inventory, 1810

Centre for Bucks Studies, PR 237/6/3/1 (copy made in 1855, certified in 1877)

Abstract from a Terrier Taken in the year 1810 of the Buildings Glebe Lands and other Profits & Rights belonging to the Vicarage and Parish Church of Winslow in the County of Buckingham and Diocese of London,

The Parsonage House Stable Barns and Chaise House with Garden and Home Close containing one Acre,
The Church Yard containing about two Acres,
(1) One Inclosure in New Mill Field containing Ninety Nine Acres, two Roods & six Perch,
(2) One other Inclosure in New Mill Field containing Forty one Acres and thirteen Perch,
(2) One other Inclosure in New Mill Field containing Ten Acres three Roods and six Perch
One Inclosure in the Hamlet of Shipton and parish of Winslow called Shipton Gardens & Smithill Close containing Thirty seven Acres,

An Inventory of the Goods of all kinds belonging to the Parish Church of Winslow aforesaid,

A Communion Table,
A Table for the Vestry
A Bier for the Burial of the Dead,
Six Bells and a Saints Bell,
A Clock and Chimes,
A Coffer for the Vestments


A Paper Register Book of Baptisms Marriages & Burials from A.D. 1560 to 1715
Do. from 1715 to 1745, the Burials deficient from A.D. 1739 to 1745
Do. of Parchment of Baptisms & Burials from A.D. 1745 to 1784 and of Marriages from A.D. 1745 to 1753
Do. Parchment from 1784 to present time,
Do. Paper printed form of Banns and Marriages from A.D. 1754 to 1785
Do.         Do.         Do. from A.D. 1785 to 1803,
Do.         Do.         Do. A.D 1803 to present time,
Fox’s Book of Martyrs 3 Volumes,
Poli Synopis [sic] Criticorum Vol. 4 pars 1 & 2,
Textus Biblice [sic] cum Glossa Ordinaria 6 Volumes,
Repertorium Alphabeticum in Glossa one Vol,
Jewels Exposition of St. Pauls Epist(le) with his Sermons,
A Defence of the Apology &c in 1 Vol,
A Book of Homilies,
Two Prayer Books for the Communion Service,
One Church Bible now in use,
One Old Church Bible,
Two Com(mon) Prayer Books now in use,
One Old Prayer Book,


One Brass Sconce in the Middle of the Church,
One Brass Sconce over the Gallery,
2 Ditto in the Desk
2 Ditto in the Pulpit,
One Silver Plate date 1686.
One Silver Cup with a Cover the Gift of Joan Foorde, date 1647.
One Silver Cup with a Cover,
One Silver Paten the Gift of Joseph Rogers,
One other Silver Paten the Gift of Sarah Fyge Egerton,
Two Silver Spoons washed with Gold,
One Small Silver Cup used at private Houses,


Two Surplices,
One Hood,
One Herse Cloth,
One Black Cushion,
One Green Carpet the Gift of Thomas Lowndes Esq.
One Linen Cloth
Three Napkins
A Pulpit Cloth     )             
A Desk Cloth      )              Purple, 
A Cushion          )


(4) Two Church Houses Situate next to the Principal South Gate of the Church Yard, namely on the Eastern Side thereof one of them in the Occupation of Mr. Joseph Dudley at the yearly Rent of four Pounds, the other in the Occupation of Mr. Samuel Yeates, of the yearly Rent of two Pounds, and both of them held under a
Building Lease of two Hundred years, the Churchwardens paying all manner of Taxes,

The numbers in brackets refer to the following notes.


1. This ought to be 93a-0r-32p according to the last measurement.
2. These portions of ground exist only in the Terrier. There is no Church property answering the description. I can account for so serious a mistake only by supposing that they have inserted in the        Terrier, not only the award made to the Vicar at the inclosure, but the land held by him previously for which that award was made.
To the books must be added a new Register of Baptisms, A new Bible and Prayer Book, and a Book for the Communion Service.
To the Utensils must be added A Stove.
4. The two Church Houses at present yield no income. They are now inhabited by Mr. Monk and Mr. J. King and a cottage made out of one of them, by Joseph Evans.
I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true copy of an Abstract of a Terrier taken in the year 1810, as deposited in the Registry of the Diocese of Oxford.
[signed] John M. Davenport Deputy Registrar. Diocesan Registry, Oxford. 12th April 1877.   

W.W. M. Creight, Vicar. Feb(ruar)y 28th 1855.    


PR 237/6/3/2 is another copy of the same document without the remarks and signatures.

There is an earlier inventory from 1757.