Wall paintings in the church

The paintings were first uncovered in 1882 according to this report from the Bicester Herald (27 Oct):
  WINSLOW CHURCH CLEANING.- The walls and pillars of Winslow church have been recently undergoing a thorough cleaning, a considerable thickness of whitewash having been scraped off, bringing the stonework to view.  The partition in the belfry archway has also been partly taken down.  The remains of a mural decoration were discovered during the scraping process on the north side of the church.  The figures were life size, but had, unfortunately been so damaged by the placing of a tablet as to be unrecognizable.

Buckingham Advertiser, 24 June 1933


The work of restoring the mural paintings in Winslow Parish Church, about which a report recently appeared in our columns, was started this week.   The process is proving to be extremely fascinating as the various mural scenes begin to be revealed.  A picture representing St. Christopher and another relating to the Martyrdom of St. Thomas of Canterbury have already come to light.  What other artistic treasures may yet become visible is still unknown; but the coming week should provide further interesting revelations.

Mr. E. T. Long, who is now engaged on the work, told a representative of the “Buckingham Advertiser” that none of the work was probably earlier than 1840 [sic].  It is obviously by masters of the art of mural painting who recognised the value of work in gold, oil colour and water colour.  The task was to be undertaken very carefully so that the paintings are not spoiled in the process of bringing them to light.

Note: presumably they meant 1480.

Chancel paintings

Buckingham Advertiser, 15 Oct 1892

VESTRY MEETING.- A meeting was held in the Vestry Room, at the Church, on Thursday morning, to approve of designs for the decoration of the chancel, and apply for a [sic] for executing the same.  There was but a small attendance with the Vicar in the chair.- The Vicar produced the plans prepared by Mr. Ernest Geldart for the decoration of the east wall with stencilling and diapering, and the placing of the figures of S. Laurence, the patron saint of the church, and St. Frideswide, the patron saint of the diocese, in canopies, on either side of the window.  The work was to be done by Messrs. Cox, Sons & Buckley at an estimated cost of £55, and it was proposed to begin at once, applying for the purpose the funds in-hand from the Winter Memorial, and a legacy which had been left to the church, amounting to about £51, so that a little under £5 would be required to meet the outlay.  Mr. Geldart was thoroughly up to his work, and the designs were most artistic, and when carried out he believed  everyone would be pleased with the appearance of the east end of the church.- After a brief discussion, Mr. Hawley proposed that the plans for the decoration of the chancel, prepared by Mr. Ernest Geldart, be approved, and that a faculty to be applied for to carry out the same.- Mr. H Bullock seconded this, and it was carried, and the meeting concluded.- We understand that in addition to these plans, the Vicar and churchwardens have secured plans for the decoration of the whole of the chancel, to be carried out as soon as practicable, including a stained glass window to cost about £200, which they would be extremely grateful if some generous donor would come forward and provide.

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