Will of Rev. Joseph Denton, 1837 (proved 1840)

National Archives PROB 11/1936/22

I Joseph Denton of Winslow Bucks being of sound and disposing mind and in tolerable [sic] do hereby make this my Last Will and Testament and so nominate and appoint my dear Wife Mary Denton sole Executrix of this my Will I hereby will and bequeath all my real and Personal Property of whatever description or wherever to my dear Wife for her own sole use and benefit while she lives subject to the following proviso The House which I have made a purchase of in the Commercial Road London she may at any time sell by Auction or private contract on condition she invests two hundred pounds of the money arising from the sale in the Consols to remain there till her death the dividends as they fall due to be received by her for her own use I will and bequeath to each of my late Brother Benjamin Dentons Children who may then be living nineteen pounds nineteen shillings I will and bequeath to Mary Dunan the daughter of my late Sister Sarah Turner and her heirs whatever sum may be left of the Two hundred pounds over and above those legacies But should the House in the Commercial Road remain unsold at the decease of my dear Wife It shall then be sold and the whole amount of money it realizes shall be equally divided among the children above mentioned I will and bequeath to the Rev George Wright long Endeared to me Ten pounds I will and bequeath to my dear Friend The Rev Edward Bates of Leamington Ten pounds I will and bequeath to my honoured & esteemed brother Minister the Rev William Gunn of Aylesbury a Gold Mourning ring and the choice of any book I will and bequeath to my beloved Niece Jane Carter who once resided with me nineteen pounds nineteen shillings Any sum or sums of money I may have at my decease in the house or in Government or any other security together with my household Goods books  I will & bequeath to my dear Wife to be at her Entire dispose. Signed sealed published and declared by me Joseph Denton Testator for my last Will in the presence of September 12th Eighteen hundred an [sic] thirty seven Joseph Denton [seal] [signature]  Witness William Clark William Clark \Jun/ Southwark Bridge Road Southwark

Proved at London 6th November 1840 before the Worshipful Augustus Frederick Bayford Doctor of Laws Surrogate by the Oath of Mary Denton Widow the Relict the sole Executrix to whom Adm(inistrati)on was granted having been first sworn duly to administer


Bucks Herald, 22 Aug 1840:
Suddenly, at Clapham, on the 14th inst., the Rev. Joseph Denton; the late beloved and highly respected minister of the Independent congregation at Winslow, Bucks, for upwards of 11 years, in the 64th year of his age.

Rev. Denton came to Winslow from Millwall in 1830 (where he had served since 1823 according to the Congregational Magazine of that year, p.279) to be minister of the rebuilt Independent Chapel.

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