Winslow's first recorded football matches, 1878-84 and 1886

Winslow's original football club was established in 1878. Although it was called football, this would have been more like rugby. The location of the pitch isn't stated but was probably at Hollow Furrow (Granborough Road). Most of the team were middle-class or gentry. Herbert Bullock was a solicitor. Meyrick Selby-Lowndes came from the family which owned Winslow Hall. The James brothers were later part of the very successful Schorne College team at North Marston. Alfred Hornblower was a boarder at Mr Grace's school. D. Day was probably George D. Day, a pupil auctioneer with George Wigley (read more). Winslow's first football club died out, and association football wasn't played seriously until 1891 when Winslow Town F.C. was formed.

Bucks Herald, 7 Dec 1878

WINSLOW v. QUAINTON  On Tuesday, the 26th ult., a match was played between these clubs at Quainton.  Winslow having won the toss, gave their opponents the benefit of wind and hill, and at the close of half-an-hour the first goal was most cleverly kicked for Quainton by Mr. Tofts, of the Schorne School, North Marston.  Before half-time was called, the Winslow team all but secured a goal, a fatal half minute only intervening between the call of the umpire and the ball passing between the posts.  In the second half of the game Quainton men appeared to suffer somewhat from want of training, and the wisdom of the Winslow captain in having chosen the uphill work to begin with became evident.  The ball appeared to have a great fondness for the lower goal, and soon, notwithstanding the excellent play of H. Cannon, a goal was kicked by Bullock, the ball passing just below the tapes.  After some scrimmages the ball was again almost kicked through the Quainton goal, but was cleverly stopped by Cannon, who unfortunately stepped too far back in returning it, and a second goal was declared for Winslow, the game closing in their favour by two goals to one.

Bucks Herald, 14 Dec 1878

WINSLOW V. QUAINTON  The return match between these clubs was played on Tuesday last at Winslow.  The ground was rather hard and slippery, being covered with a hoar-frost, and in consequence of a dense fog it was impossible to see the length of the ground.  Quainton were stronger than in the former match, being re-inforced by such formidable men as Fowler, Ostrehan, and Parrott, well-known Association players; but the result proved the same, Winslow being victors by one goal to nothing. Early in the game Winslow obtained a corner kick, and soon after another, when, the ball being well placed in front of the goal by Bullock, it was taken by the goal-keeper, and all through the posts by a charge from Norton.  This was the only one obtained during the match, though the Quainton goal was rather more frequently threatened than that of Winslow; but Cannon, as usual, proved himself an effectual goal-keeper.  For the winners, Norton was very active, and Lowndes, Rolfe, and Neal were also conspicuous as forwards, while all worked hard, and were well served by their backs.  For the losers, Fowler, Parrott, and Read were the best forwards, while Ostrehan behind kicked powerfully and judiciously, and he and the goal-keeper were chiefly instrumental in preventing a more decided defeat.

Buckingham Advertiser, 22 March 1879

FOOTBALL – WINSLOW V. BICESTER. – On Thursday, March 13, a game was played between the above clubs, at Winslow.   Some excellent play was shown by the home party, who kept their opponents in subjection nearly all the afternoon, and ultimately won the match by 3 goals against 1.   The Bicester captain, winning the toss, chose the Western goal, obliging their opponents to play against the wind, which was, however, very slight, and with the sun in their eyes.  The ball, however, kept rather in the Bicester half, but no goal was scored until within two minutes of half time, when a goal was kicked for them, after a combined rush on the part of their forwards.   After change of ends, matters were speedily equalized by a goal kicked by Norton for Winslow.   Shortly after, Neal scored one for the same side, and a third was afterwards obtained, Norton heading the ball through from a corner kick.   No further score was made, so the Winslow team were declared winners.   The return match is to come off at Bicester on March 29.

AYLESBURY V. WINSLOW.- On the following Thursday, Winslow took a team to Aylesbury.  After a hotly contested game, the match ended in a draw.   Winslow won the toss, and chose the goal furthest from the town, a strong wind blowing nearly right across the ground.   After Aylesbury kicked off Winslow quickly score the first goal.   Norton middling the ball well to Lowndes, who passed it between the posts.   Aylesbury, however, soon made the game level, and scored also a second goal.   Shortly before half time, Norton scored a second for Winslow.   After changing, each side scored a further goal.  The last quarter of an hour Aylesbury had the best of the game, but no further score was made, in spite of several strokes at the Winslow goal.

Bucks Herald, 5 April 1879

AYLESBURY V. WINSLOW.  The return match was played on the Winslow ground on Thursday, and resulted in a tie, one goal each.  From the commencement of the game to half time was about even, but after half time was called the advantage on the whole was on the side of Aylesbury, though not sufficiently so to achieve an actual victory.  On the Winslow side Neal especially distinguished himself, and on the Aylesbury side better play could have not been shown than was displayed by Harvey, who was at home on all points.  Sides:- Winslow: H. Pullock [=Bullock] (captain), T. F. Rolfe, W. Norton, M. S. Lowndes, W. S. Neal, J. James, J. Dockray, T. Hutt, W. R. French, W. Congreve, and F. James.  Aylesbury: J. K. H. Fowler (captain), F. B. Parrott, R. R. Fowler, G. Franklin, H. Muddiman, A. W. Parrott, C. H. Hawkins, - Harvey, J. E. D. Ostrehan, T. Parrott, and W. Wright.  Umpires: The Hon. F. Cockburn and Mr. Newton.

Oxfordshire Telegraph, 16 April 1879

  WINSLOW FOOTBALL CLUB, which has been established two seasons, contains amongst its members, some of the most distinguished athletes in the town and neighbourhood.  Mr. W. S. Neal is the energetic secretary.  The club has been fortunate in securing the indefatigable services of so well-known a supporter of out-door recreation.  H. Bullock, Esq., a locally renowned cricketer, and no less noted on the football ground, is captain.  The players have attained good form and reliance.  The club has practiced lately every week.  On Tuesday, April 8th, a scratch side from Grandborough competed with the Winslow side.  After some good play had been witnessed the game resulted in favour of the superior dexterity of the Winslow team.

Buckingham Express, 8 Nov 1879

  Schorne School brought a team over on Friday the 31st ult., to encounter the Winslow Club in their first contact of the season, the result being, after a very close and pleasant game, a draw, neither side scoring.  We understand that Winslow were requested not to put their full strength into the field, with which request they must have complied, as we saw two or three members on the ground as spectators, upon whose skill they were of yore wont rely.  While the stalwart form of another prominent performer of last year, on this occasion officiated as umpire.  We must however congratulate the Winslow team on an increase of numerical strength, four of their Fridays team being new members this season.  Mr. Julian James won the toss for the school and elected to give his opponents the advantage of ground at the onset, rather than later, consequently for the greater part of the first half time, Winslow rather hemmed the School, until the sudden appearance of the sun annulled all advantage of end, and the ball came frequently in front of either goal.  After change of ends the School for some time had much the best of it, the ball on one occasion striking the goal post, but for the last quarter time the play was very even, and in our opinion much the best of the day.  The School were naturally much better together than their opponents, the chief fault of the Winslow forwards being with one or two exceptions that they played the ball too hard.
  For Winslow of last years players Dockray were nearest his old form, and Hutts play at half back, a new position to him, was praiseworthy.  For the School, Mr. Cripps behind was very strong and the Messrs James also showed no falling off in their form.  A boy whose name we did not catch also played remarkably well on the extreme right.
  Winslow team.- W. S. Neal, Fry, J. Dockray, Halsey, Col. Hubbard, E. Cross, Johnson, Hutt, H. Bullock (captain), Day.
  Schorne School.- Cripps, Eakins, J. James, F. James, Barber, Simson, Davis, Le-Feuvre, Collard, Randolph.

Bucks Herald, 28 Feb 1880

  BLOXHAM V. WINSLOW.- On Saturday last a match was played on the Winslow ground, between All Saints’ School, Bloxham, and Winslow Football club.  Some excellent play was shown on both sides, but as neither side scored a goal, although Bloxham School narrowly missed doing so, the match terminated in a draw.

Buckingham Advertiser, 6 March 1880

  FOOTBALL.- BANBURY HARRIERS V. WINSLOW.- In this match on February 28, the Winslow team played 12 men against 15 of the Harriers.  The game was well-contested throughout, and although no goal was scored, the Harriers were credited with four tries and six touches down to nil.

Bucks Herald, 20 March 1880

  WINSLOW V. SCHORNE SCHOOL.- Played on Thursday, and ended in a very decisive victory for the School, four goals being scored against Winslow, and the ball hovering pitilessly round Winslow goal for the whole time.  Winslow were two men short, and declined to comply with the School’s wish to dispense with two Schorne men, or probably the game might have been more even; as it was, Winslow scored no goal, although making a gallant effort to retrieve losses after half-time.  Neal and Lowndes played an excellent forward, and were well backed by Docwra [Dockray?] and Dancer (half-back), and Hubbard (forward), the others being French (full back), Cross (half-back), Hutt (forward), and Halsey (goal).  Of Schorne’s four goals two were kicked by Edmonson and two by F. James, and the play of Cripps was as graceful and brilliant as ever, the other players being J. James, Erskine, Inge, Blackall, Davis, Simpson, Le Feuvre, and Hocombe; umpires, Mr. Rolfe, Winslow, and Rev. E. Smith.  The school ground was in admirable order, and the villagers and others, who were present in considerable force, helped to make a lively and thoroughly pleasant time.  The usual courtesies of mutual cheering were given with great goodwill, Winslow feeling that Schorne was too strong this turn, and would have to be vanquished on some future occasion.

Buckingham Advertiser, 18 Dec 1880

FOOTBALL. – BICESTER v. WINSLOW. – This game was played at Winslow on Saturday, December 11 and attracted some amount of attention.  For the first quarter-of-an-hour, the Bicester side had slightly the best of the game, and keeping the ball well in the home territory, shot the leather under the tape;  but an objection was raised on account of the “off side.”  Setting to work again Bicester scored an undoubted goal, after which Winslow secured a couple of goals in rapid succession.   Fortune still favoured the Winslowites after change of ends, and Bullock, with a splendid shot, sent the ball through the Bicester posts and thus placed another goal to the credit of his team.  The Bicester representatives, who, up to this time, had not been playing in their usual form, now put forth strenuous exertions to equalise matters, and succeeded, within four minutes of time, in obtaining a second goal.   No further advantage occurred and at the call of time Winslow, for whom Bullock and Neal played remarkably well, were left winners by three goals to two.   The following were players :- Bicester : T. Wilson (goal);  M.F.E. Bush (back);  J. Coleman and T. Fowler (half-backs); E.H. Paxton (captain), C. Shillingford, W. Shillingford, F. Toms, H.L. Toms, J.D. Simons (forwards). – Winslow : Hornblower (goal); [name missing] French (backs); H. Bullock (captain) and F. James (half-backs); W. S. Neal, J. Dockray, M. Selby-Lowndes, J. James, H. Anstiss and D. Day (forwards).

Bicester Herald, 4 March 1881

  BICESTER  V. WINSLOW AND DISTRICT.- In the presence of a large number of spectators this return match was played at Bicester, on Saturday, February 26, when the Winslow captain, who was supported by an unusually strong team, was enabled to score another victory for his side.  At 2.45, with both wind and sun in favour of the home team, the ball was set rolling, and for a time the play was pretty even, until a corner fell to the lot of Bicester, but Paxton, to whom the kick was entrusted, failed, owing to the wind, to place the ball in front of the goal.  The leather was soon afterwards taken into the Bicester territory, and Winslow scored a goal, but it was objected to and disallowed on the ground of “off-side.”  However, Anstiss, to whom the ball was passed by Neal,soon gained an indisputable goal, which was followed by another, secured, after a hard scrimmage, near the posts.  The Bicester forwards tried to retrieve their losses, but the fine back play of their opponents withstood the charges for a long time.  Winslow succeeded in placing a third goal to their credit - this time off a splendid corner-kick by Erskine, and as time had been very nearly exhausted, it looked as though a hollow defeat was in store for Bicester.  However, putting forth a final exertion, the Bicester forwards got the ball dangerously near the Winslow fortress, and C. Shillingford, securing the ball from W. Shillingford, shot it through the posts amidst loud applause.  Time was shortly afterwards called, and Winslow were left victors by three goals to one.  Bullock, Cross, Stevenson, and Anstiss may be mentioned as playing remarkably well for the winners, and for Bicester, Coleman, Paxton, and W. Shillingford did good service.  The following players composed the sides: Winslow: M. Selby Lowndes (goal), E. Cross (back), E. Erskine and F. James (half-backs), H. Bullock (captain), J. James, Stevenson, J. Dockray, T. Anstiss, and W. S. Neal (forwards).- Bicester: J. Wilson (goal), J. Coleman (back), W. B. Moulles and T. Fowler (half-backs), E. H. Paxton (captain), H. L. Toms, W. Shillingford, C. Shillingford, J. D. Simons, and A. Baker (forwards).

Winslow then lost 0-2 to North Marston on 3 March 1881.

Bicester Herald, 20 Jan 1882

  BICESTER V. WINSLOW.- This match was played at Winslow, on Saturday, January the 14th, and, after an exceedingly well contested game, resulted in a tie, neither side being able to score.  Winslow won the toss, and their opponents kicked off at 2.30, and playing fairly well together, slightly pressed the home team for the first quarter of an hour; but some good runs, by Bullock and Dockray, relieved the Winslow lines, and after this, the game was hotly and evenly contested until half time, both goals being several times in danger.  On changing ends Winslow played up vigorously, some fine runs by Bullock down the right wing, being splendidly stopped by W. Shillingford, whose forward play during the second half, was first rate.  After nearly scoring twice, the home forwards ran the ball down, and Anstiss shot the leather through the Bicester goal; but being palpably off-side the score was at once disallowed.  Bicester then, from shots by Bates and Paxton, were very near scoring; but although each side tried their utmost, no further result took place until the call of time, the match thus being left drawn, after a very fast and pleasant game.  For Winslow Bullock played hard throughout, as did also Dockray, Lowndes, Anstiss, and Newman, while for Bicester, besides those already mentioned, Toms, and C. Shillingford did good service forward, and the back play of Coleman was remarkably good, his steadiness and precision in kicking being noticeable.  Winslow Team:- Forwards, H. Bullock (captain), and W. S. Neal (right wing), M. Selby-Lowndes and J. Dockray (centre), H. Anstiss and W. Anstiss (left wing), J. Varney and R. Newman (half-backs), J. Cross (back), W. Cross (goal).

On 28 Jan Winslow played at Bletchley Park when John Dockray broke his leg (the result of the match wasn't recorded).

Bucks Herald, 25 March 1882

  The return match between these clubs was played at Winslow on Saturday last.  Winslow won the toss, and chose to defend the eastern goal first.  Bletchley kicked off and for some minutes considerably pressed the home team, who were playing only ten men, but the backs played with confidence and prevented disaster.  After a while the Winslow forwards showed better form, and made several excursions into the Bletchley territory, but without success.  After change of ends, Winslow now having wind and sun in their favour, as well as their eleventh man, somewhat penned their opponents.  The occasional good runs by Denys and Sandford relieved their lines temporarily, and it was not till nearly ten minutes to time that the home efforts were at length rewarded by a goal, which was immediately followed by a second, both from the toe of Newman.  Denys now came to the rescue of his side, and after an excellent run, secured a goal for Bletchley.  Denys and Sandford were far the best forwards, and their backs played with determination.  For Winslow Blackall in the early part of the game was invaluable to his side, and played excellently throughout, and Newman did good service forward. Winslow Side: H. Bullock (captain), and J. James, right; W. Neal and F. James, left; G. Day, J, Minter, Newman, Custis [Curtis?], E. Erskine, and J. Varley [Varney?], half-backs; M. S. Lowndes and F. Blackall, backs; the forwards took it in turn to keep goal.

On 25 March Winslow lost 1-3 at Bicester (goal scored by Bullock with a header). After 1882 the Winslow club stopped sending reports to the local press. The following came from Buckingham.

Buckingham Express, 15 Dec 1883

  The match announced last week was played on Thursday afternoon, and resulted in a victory for the Winslow team, by four goals to none.  The Buckingham team was not such a good one as could be wished, on account of several members being unable to play.  ...   The players were- Winslow- Bullock (capt), Lowndes, Paxton, Shillingford, Neal, Varney, James, Cross, Coldrey, Smith and one other. ...

Buckingham Express, 16 Feb 1884

  FOOTBALL MATCH.- The return match between the Winslow and Buckingham teams, was played at the above place on Thursday, afternoon when the home team proved victors by one goal to nil.  The play was upon the whole very good, the goal gained by the Winslow team being scored within a few minutes of the game being commenced.

There is a gap until the next report of a Winslow team, evidently playing something even closer to rugby. There don't seem to be many Winslow names in the team:

Buckingham Advertiser, 23 Oct 1886

FOOTBALL. – WOLVERTON V. WINSLOW. – The first match between these clubs was played on Saturday, October 16th, in Wolverton Park.   It was a very unequal match, the Wolvertonians being altogether too strong and fast for their opponents.  It is only just to say that the Winslow club are in their first season.  For Wolverton the most conspicuous players were J. Howe, who scored 2 goals, and one from a try by P. Williams, and the other from his own try;  W. Williams, who also scored a goal, and W. Eldridge succeeded in doing the same from a try gained by P. Williams.   W. Hough, from a brilliant run, gained a grand goal from the field.  Other tries were gained as follows : G. Gillard 3, . Gallop 2, W. Aldred, H. Ball, G. Covington, and W. Hough one each.  At the close of the game the score was – Wolverton, 5 goals, 9 tries, and 18 touch-downs, to nil.  The sides were : Wolverton – W. Aldred (back), J. Goodridge, W. Hough (right), H. Ball, W. Williams (left three-quarter backs), J. Howe (Captain), W. Gallop (half-back), P. Williams, A. Shaw, G. Covington, A. Clewitt, J. Clewitt, H. Bailey, F. Swain and G. Gillard (forwards).   Winslow – Letts (back), Hyde, Reynolds (right), Harris, Thompson (left three-quarter backs), Wakelin (Captain) and King (half-backs), Foster, Inman, Lines, Radburn, Ross, Barnett, and Goodridge (forwards).

Fenny Stratford Times, 28 Oct 1886

FOOTBALL.- The Wolverton apprentices met the Winslow Football Club, at the latter town, on Saturday last, when the game resulted in a victory for the apprentices over their adversaries by a try and six rouges to nothing.  Gillare, Port, Smith, Tue, Clewett and Parkins played well for the apprentices, while Letts and Thompson distinguished themselves on the other side.  The players were as follows:- Winslow, Letts (back), Hinman, Thompson, Watkin, Lines (three-quarter back), King, Cowley, (half-backs), Foster, Ross, Goster, Radbone, Barnet, Ficklekeeny and Walters (forwards).

Fenny Stratford Times, 4 Nov 1886

FOOTBALL.- On Saturday last a good game of Football was played at Stratford between Winslow F. C. and Stony Stratford F. C. The names and positions of the players were as follows:- Winslow; Letts (back); Lines, Inman, Reynolds, Thompson, (¾ backs); King, Wakelin, (capt.) (½ backs); J. Forster, Ross, A. Forster, T. Penny, Blythe, Barnet, Davies, Carter (forward).  Umpire Mr. McGanley.
  The game which resulted in a try and one or two touch-downs for Stratford to nothing of importance, terminated amid cheers by both teams for their opponents.

A "Winslow Town" team played Winslow High School in 1889 (read more) but there wasn't an organised club again until 1891.

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