15 Market Square

After the Second World War this shop became the Co-Operative grocery (photo below). In the early 2000s it was an antiques shop, and has recently been Rockets and Robes. It is now (September 2019) Red Eye Events.

Co-Operative Grocers

1690, 19 June: Winslow Manor Court [this probably but not certainly refers to 15 Market Square; William Firth's messuage was probably part of it too.]
William Gyles sr and Benjamin Griffin and Ann his wife [William's daughter] surrendered a messuage in Winslowe, William Firth's messuage north, John Robinson's south, with 2 stables and liberty of entering etc. in and from the yard belonging to William Gyles' messuage called The Crowne to and from the Pump [antlia] now standing in the yard. To the use of Joseph Gyles of Winslowe Hatter and Mary his wife, they being at a quarter of the expense for the repair of the pump. Rent 6d, fine 10s.

1702, 22 April: Winslow Manor Court
William Short sr of Winslowe Baker surrendered a messuage in or near the Markett Place of Winslowe now in the occupation of William and a certain Henry Hopkinson, with "kitching" lately erected, yard etc., and free ingress etc. to the well in the yard of Grant Hewett now in the occupation of Richard Allen. To the use of William for his life, then to his son William Short jr and Martha his wife for their lives, then to the heirs of their bodies, or the heirs of William jr. Rent [blank], fine 5s.

1704, 26 April: Winslow Manor Court
William Short and Martha his wife on 4 Oct last surrendered by the steward the messuage now in the occupation of William or his subtenants in or near the Markett Place of Winslow with all houses, outhouses, yards, backyards, etc., and freedom of ingress to the well standing in the yard of Grant Hewett now in the occupation of William Gibbs. To the use of William Gyles. If they pay him £102 10s on 5 April next at his domicile in Winslow, to be to the use of William and Martha for their lives, then the heirs of their bodies, or William's heirs.

1711, 16 April: Winslow Manor Court [Matthew Hobbs lived at 17 Market Square; various arrangements about a shared pump and watercourse were made in 1707 and 1708 and there was a dispute between the Shorts and John Longbridge in 1710. The Shorts had gone to live in London.]
William Short and Martha his wife, customary tenants, on 20 Feb last surrendered all estate and equity of redemption in a messuage or messuages in Winslowe late in the occupation of himself and Robert Newman, now of Samuel Greaves and William Gyles, their assigns or subtenants, the house of Mathew Hobbs north, the house of Samuel Norman south. To the use of John Longbridge.

31 October 1770 Surrender:  Elizabeth Shimmey of East Claydon widow
Admission:  Avis Deverell of Winslow widow   
Centre for Bucks Studies D 82/1/68
All that Messuage or Tenement situate standing and being in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid now in the several tenures occupations of Abiel Whichellow and John Hoar the Messuage or Tenement of William Hobbs lying on the north part thereof and the Messuage or Tenement of John Hall in the occupation of John Dudley lying on the South part thereof
And also all that Messuage or Tenement in Winslow aforesaid late in the occupation of John Price and now in the tenure or occupation of Thomas Longford together with the stable and workshop …
23 April 1776 Mortgage for £150
Surrender:  Avis Deverell of Winslow widow
Admission: James Burnham of Winslow gentleman
Centre for Bucks Studies D 82/1/277-8

A messuage in the Market Square of Winslow in the several occupations of Abiel Whichellow and John Hoar, the messuage of Susannah Hawkins north, the messuage of John Hall in occupation of John Dudley south...
The mortgage of this and other property was renewed on 7 Jan 1778 for £250. Avis Deverell's death was reported at a special court on 30 June 1778, and it passed to her son Josiah Deverell, who then (1 July 1778) mortgaged all the property he inherited to Thomas Taylor of Swanbourne Carpenter & Joiner for £150 payable on 1 Jan next.

1778: Northampton Mercury, 3 Aug [part of the sale of Josiah Deverell's property, 6 High Street]

LOT 2.  A COPYHOLD MESSUAGE or TENEMENT situate in the Market-Square of Winslow aforesaid, late in the Occupation of Avis Deverell, Widow, deceased, who lately carried on the Business of an Ironmonger therein.  This is a modern-built Brickhouse, with good Conveniences for carrying on the Business of a Grocer or Draper.

December 1778 Sun Insurance
John Dudley of Winslow, mercer
  On his dwelling house only situate as aforesaid brick and tiled  
  Utensils and stock therein
  Household goods therein 
  Stable and washouse adjoining brick and tiled 
  Woodhouse brick and tiled
  House washhouse stable adjoining in the tenure of Paul Parkins situate at Shipton in the Parish of Winslow thatched  
  Barn thatched
  Wheathouse thatched
  House at Wingrave in the tenure of Robert Griffin thatched 
  Barn and stable only adjoining thatched  
9 March 1779 Admission: James Burnham on non-payment of £150
Surrender:  James Burnham of Winslow gent and Mary his wife
Admission:  John Dudley of Winslow draper
Centre for Bucks Studies D 82/1/352
All that Messuage or Tenement situate standing and being in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid heretofor in the occupation of Abiel Whichellow and John Hoar and late in the occupation of Avis Deverell widow  the Messuage or Tenement of Susanna Hawkins lying on the north part thereof and the Messuage or Tenement now in the occupation of John Dudley lying on the South part
1786 & 1795 Land Tax
Dudley, John: himself 9s 4¾d
26 October 1801 Court Baron 26 October  
Surrender: John Dudley of Winslow draper
Admission; Benjamin Dudley of Winslow draper his son
Centre for Bucks Studies D 82/3/118
All that Messuage or Tenement situate standing and being in the Market Square of Winsiow aforesaid heretofore in the occupation of Avis Deverall widow afterwards of the said John Dudley and now in the occupation of of Benjamin Dudley of Winslow draper son of the said John Dudley with the Garden adjoining thereto and other appurtenances (except and always reserved unto the said John Dudley his heirs and assigns ail that north part of the said Garden as the same is now staked and set out and divided from the south part thereof with the free liberty of Ingress Egress and Regress to and for the said John Dudley his heirs and assigns and his and their servants and workmen to pass and repass into and from the north end of the said garden into the yard leading into the street called Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid
1805 & 1814 Land Tax
Dudley, Benjamin: himself 9s 4¾d
1808 Will of John Dudley, gentleman  
7 Sep 1816 Sale advert, Northampton Mercury  

To be LETT,
And may be entered upon immediately,

AN old-accustomed SHOP, in the LINEN and WOOLLEN DRAPERY BUSINESSES, situate in the MARKET SQUARE, WINSLOW, where the above businesses have been carried on for a Number of Years.
For further Particulars, apply to Mr. DUDLEY, Auctioneer, Winslow.
N.B.  The above Premises are well situated for any other Business.

20 March 1819 Sale advert, Northampton Mercury  

An old Established Concern in the Linen and Woollen Drapery Businesses,
To be S O L D   by   A U C T I O N, By SAMUEL DUDLEY,

On Wednesday the 24th Day of March, 1819, at the George and Horse Shoe Inn, Winslow, Bucks, between the Hours of Four and Six o’Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will be then and there produced, unless previously disposed of by private Contract, of which due Notice will be given.

ALL that neat sashed-front DWELLING HOUSE and PREMISES, centrically situated in the  MARKET SQUARE, WINSLOW;  comprising a large Shop, in full Trade;  a good Parlour, sitting Room, and Kitchen, with capital Cellarage, four comfortable sleeping Rooms, and three convenient Attics, two lead Pumps, with excellent Water;  large walled Garden, well planted with choice fruit Trees and small Yard;  Wash and Brewhouse, Stable, and wood Barn detached;  the Whole forming together a most complete Home, now in the Occupation of Mr. BENJAMIN DUDLEY, the Proprietor, who is leaving the Town.

Any Person wishing to commence the Business will find this an eligible Opportunity, it is a respectable Neighbourhood, and has been occupied as a Shop nearly a Century.
The Premises are in good Repair, and immediate Possession may be had.
The Fixtures to be taken at a fair Valuation.
For further Particulars, apply to the PROPRIETOR, who will shew the Premises;  or to the AUCTIONEER, Winslow.

25 Oct 1819 Court Baron (D/BASM/376/22/130)
Surrender on 21 June: Benjamin Dudley late of Winslow draper and now of Islington and Priscilla his wife
Admission: George Cross the younger draper, for a consideration of £630
A messuage in the Market Square heretofore in the occupation of Avis Deverell widow, afterwards of John Dudley, late of Benjamin Dudley and now of George Cross, with the garden adjoining thereto and the right of way.  Benjamin was admitted on 26 Oct 1801 and 28-9 Oct 1805 on the surrender of John Dudley his father. 
Also an orchard or garden late in Benjamin’s occupation in Great Horn Street adjoining the malting heretofore of Robert Gibbs, afterwards of John Cox.  Benjamin was admitted 30 Oct-1 Nov 1809 on the surrender of Rebecca Evans.
29 Oct 1821 Court Baron
Conditional surrender by George Cross jr & Mary Ann his wife on 20 Jan 1821 for £500 + 5% interest repayable 20 July next. To Thomas Essex of Coombs in the parish of Hitchendon otherwise Hughendon gent & Robert Capes of Grays Inn gent (trustees named in marriage settlement of Mary Ann Essex and George Cross, 7 July 1819).
1823 Land Tax
Cross, George jr: himself 9s 4¾d
1832 Land Tax
Cross, George jun: Cross, George jun, House & garden 9s 4¾d
1841 Census
George Cross 44 draper
1842 & 1850 Directory
Linen & Woollen Drapers
Cross & King, Market Square
1851 Census
George Cross 55 draper
1854    Directory
Cross, George, draper
1861    Census
George Cross 65 draper & tailor
Will of George Cross, 1862 (proved 1864): I devise unto my said Wife and the said James Hughes All that my messuage or tenement in the Market Square in Winslow aforesaid in which I now reside and the Shop Stable Washhouse garden and other appurtenances thereto belonging which were purchased by me of Benjamin Dudley To hold the same unto my said Wife and the said James Hughes . . . Upon trust to permit my said Wife to occupy the same or receive the rents and profits thereof during the term of her natural life she and they keeping the same in good repair and insured from loss or damage by fire  And from and immediately after her decease Upon such and the same trusts as are hereinafter declared and contained ...
1865 Oxfordshire Telegraph 30 Aug

THEY have still on hand a Large Assortment of Dresses from 23/4d per Yard.
Black and Coloured Silks from 1s. 11d. per yard.
Mantles, Shawls, and Bonnets, at half the usual prices.
The Stock must be Disposed of in consequence of a Dissolution of Partnership.

3 March 1866     Surrender: James Hughes of Oxford grocer
Admission: John Hathaway of Winslow draper
Consideration: £700
Centre for Bucks Studies D 82/7 p. 41
All that messuage or tenement situate and being in the Market Square of Winslow aforesaid within the manor heretofore in the occupation of John Dudley afterwards of Benjamin Dudley late of George Cross and now of the said John Hathaway with the garden thereto adjoining as the same is now or is intended to be fenced off by brick walls the walls and gates therein next the premises formerly of James Field to belong to and be kept in repair by the said John Hathaway his heirs and assigns and the wall on the west side next the field or ground not intended to be surrendered to belong to and be kept in repair by the said James Hughes his heirs and assigns with a right of way to and from the said premises so surrendered as aforesaid over the premises formerly of the said James Field into the public street … to which premises … 26 Oct 1864.
John Hathaway and his wife Ann Maria then mortgaged the property for £600 to John William Goodman of Middle Claydon, farmer.
1868 Bucks Herald 28th May
M A R K E T   S Q U A R E ,   W I N S L O W.
RESPECTFULLY announces that he intends to resume Business on his own Premises (which have been extensively altered). on MONDAY, MAY the 11th, 1868, when he will have the pleasure of submitting a large and varied STOCK OF NEW GOODS,  in each department.
  The SHOW ROOM will also be opened with Millinery and Straw Bonnets, Hats, &c., the Novelties of the Season.
An Early Inspection will be esteemed.
1871    Census
John Hathaway 51 linen draper, b. Bourton, Gloucs
According to his entry in the ODNB, based on his biography, Albert Gamage, the founder of Gamage's Department Store in London, was apprenticed to a draper in Winslow. Gamage was born 1855 in Hereford (his father was born in Hanslope, so perhaps had Winslow connections), and in 1871 was listed as a draper in Kington, Herefs. He must have come to Winslow shortly after that, before he set up his shop in London in 1878. A piece in the Buckingham Advertiser by Alfred Clear (12 and 26 April 1930) confirms this:
  12 April: That the late Mr A.W. Gamage (who died at Chesham last week) was in the drapers shop of the late Mr. John Hathaway, Market Square, Winslow, at one time is undoubtedly the fact, but I cannot find anyone who remembers him being there. According to the Daily Press he went to London in 1874 and probably left Winslow considerably earlier than that.
  26 April: I am informed that several persons in Winslow can remember the late Mr. A.W. Gammage [sic] being a shopman in Mr. John Hathaway's shop at Winslow. Mr. Thos. Curtis for one, remembers being served by him there.

Buckingham Advertiser

25 Sep
The Partnership hitherto existing between Messrs. HATHAWAY & MASON has been dissolved by mutual consent.  On and after WEDNESDAY next, 29th inst., the business will be carried on by
Who will offer the whole of the Stock at an IMMENSE REDUCTION IN PRICE, together with a large and choice selection of NEW GOODS, which have been secured under advantageous circumstances.  Special attention has been directed to the TAILORING DEPARTMENT; customers will find a large stock of CLOTHS to select from, and a cutter of great experience has been engaged.
1875 Buckingham Express 25 Oct

Are prepared with the NOVELTIES of the Season, in ALL DEPARTMENTS,
From the London and other Markets,
Fancy Dresses in all the Newest Styles. Matelasee Arctic and Disco Checks.  Plain Goods to match.  French Merinos in all the New Shades.
The JACKET for the SEASON, made from Silk, lined and trimmed with Fur.
Hyde Park Palliums. The New Cashmere Laces.
New COSTUMES, and Richly Braided Skirts.
New Hosiery in French Stripes, New Furs.
Millinery and Felt Bonnets and Hats, &c., &c., &c.
A Parcel of GOOD BLACK SILKS, Bought below Market value.
Is replete with the Newest GOODS of the Season,
Chipping Norton and Cheviot Tweeds, New Check Coatings.
An experience Cutter always on the premises.

1880 Buckingham Advertiser 16 Oct
BEGS respectfully to inform the Gentry, Clergy and Inhabitants of Winslow and its Vicinity that he has taken the Drapery Business lately carried on by Mr. A. R. French, Market Square, Winslow, and is now offering the whole of the Stock for Sale at Greatly Reduced Prices in order to effect a speedy clearance, and make room for Winter Stock.   A.G.S. hopes, by strict attention to Business, he may merit a moderate share of Patronage.
1881    Census
  Augustine G Stevens, head, unm, 23, draper, b. Water Stratford

George Starkey, uncle, mar, 63, Retired Gentleman, b. Farthinghoe


Sarah Starkey, aunt, mar, 63, wife, b. Marston St Laurence


Amelia J. Baldwin, aunt, unm, 44, Retired, b. Winslow


Emmeline Roche, serv, unm, 24, Dressmaker, b. Morgon, Glam


Bessie Napier, visitor, 15, b. Bedford


Caroline White, serv, 16, General servant, b. London

1887 & 1891    Directory
Stevens, Augustine George, linen & woollen draper, silk mercer, undertaker, hosier & hatter, millinery & dress making, Market Square
1887 Queen Victoria's Jubilee  
  Mr. A. G. Stevens had perhaps the most artistic decorations.  Two shields with flags prettily grouped round them bore the Jubilee inscription, with “Empress of India” on a central shield, while underneath was, in red letters, “Long live the Queen,” and then in larger ones, “God save our Queen.” 
1889 Buckingham Advertiser, 11 May  
  SPECIAL.- Fashionable Spring Suits. 45/-; Trousers, 12/6.  Perfect Fit.  One of the Largest Stocks of Woollen Cloths to choose from in the district.- STEVENS, Tailor, Winslow
1891    Census, Market Square
  Augustine G E Stevens, head, married, 33, draper, b. Water Stratford
  Annie Gallard Stevens, wife, 33, b. Winslow [nee Neal, from The Bell]
  George Anthony Stevens, son, 4, b. Winslow
  Francis Leonard Stevens, son, 3, b. Winslow
  Edith Varney, assistant, single, 18, draper’s assistant, b. Winslow
  Mary Stopps, servant, single, 18, general servant, b. Charndon
  Ruth Knight, servant, 14, nurse maid, b. Hoggeston
1891 Buckingham Advertiser, 19 Dec  
  In the Market Square the chief windows are those of Mr. G. A. Stevens.  The large plate-glass fronts are filled, and that most tastefully – one with all kinds of fancy drapery articles, etc. and the other with Christmas cards, etc., and if the eye and pocket are not tempted with the lowness of the price and the variety of the articles, we shall be mistaken.
1895 Kelly's Directory [evidently out of date]  
  Stevens, Augustine George, linen & woollen draper, silk mercer, undertaker, hosier & hatter, millinery & dress making, & agent to the Norwich Union Fire & Life Assurance Co., Market square
1894 Bucks Herald, 17 Nov

  STEVENS, AUGUSTINE GEORGE, Market-square, Winslow, also trading as the Winslow Cash Drapery Company, Market-house, Winslow, draper.  Trustee, Alfred L. Field, Bedford, accountant.  Filed Nov.6.  Liabilities unsecured, £1,255:7:3.  Property, after deducting secured claims, £1,907.

1894 Ezra Braggins took over a 9-year lease and evidently bought the stock of "Gussie" Stevens.
Dec 1894    Advert in Bucks Herald  
Sale of a Draper's, Clothier's, & Boot Stock.
Market Square & Market Hill, Winslow.
E. Braggins & Son, having purchased the above Stocks, are now offering them at a GREAT REDUCTION to effect a Clearance.
Wonderful Bargains in all Departments.
The Drapery and Millinery Departments will now be carried on at Market Square
and Clothing and Boots Department at Market Hill, Winslow.
Best and Newest Goods. Lowest Cash Prices.
1896 Bucks Herald, 25 July (report from Winslow RDC)  
WINSLOW MARKET SQUARE.  A letter was read from Mr. Braggings [sic], draper, Market-square, Winslow, complaining of a hole two feet square in the footpath in front of his shop. – Councillor Neal said there was a dangerous hole. – Mr. Wise [RDC Surveyor] said he considered if he had nothing to do with the Square he had nothing to do with  the paths round it. – Councillor Neal said he knew Mr. W. H. French repaired this path when he was surveyor. – Councillor East replied that Mr. French did it and the other surveyors refused to sign his accounts, so that he had to wait a long time for the money. – Several of the Councillors said they considered it to be a District Council path, but ultimately Councillor East moved that the Surveyor be instructed to repair it, which Councillor Phillips seconded. – Councillor Hedges moved, and Councillor Mead seconded a direct negative to the proposition. – Councillors Andrews, Lester, Dickins, Mead, and Hedges voted for the amendment, which was carried, only Councillors Neal, Phillips, and East voting for the resolution. – Councillor Hedges asked if the deputation had received any answer from Mr. Small respecting the Square. – Councillor East said Mr. Small promised to send an answer before their next meeting, but Mr. Willis said nothing had come. – Councillor Neal said as the footpath was directly leading from Horn-street to the Post-office they had a claim on the County Council, and he proposed they be called upon to repair it. – Councillor Rev. S. Phillips seconded the motion, and it was carried.
1897 Diamond Jubilee    Ox roast in Market Square
14 Dec 1898 Sale advertisement  
Market Square Winslow. The first-class business premises comprising a very substantially-built house mainly of modern erection, with spacious draper's shop having handsome plate-glass fronts, show rooms and warehouse commandingly situate for business in the Market Place; with capital walled garden, stabling, coach-house lofts etc, to be sold by auction by Mr George Wigley on Wednesday, December 14th, 1898, at the Bell Hotel, Winslow, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, by direction of Mr John Hathaway.
Click on the images below for the sale notice which includes 13 Market Square:
1898 sale p11898 sale p2
1899 Kelly's Directory  
  Braggins & Horwood, drapers & milliners, Market Square  
1901    Census, Market Square
Henry Horwood 29 draper b. Tingewick
c.1909 15 Market Square with draped windows This photo (click on it for a larger version) shows no.15 with the sign removed (although the name J. Hathaway was still on the glass above the shop door) and the windows draped, probably during its conversion to a grocer's shop.
1910    Valuation
Owner: Ezra Braggins, Bedford
Occupier: Percy Walton, House & Shop, Market Square
1911 Directory
Walton, Percy grocer Market Square
1911    Census, Market Square
Charles Caldwell 32 grocer's manager b. Cheshire
1939    Directory
Walton, Percival Henry antique dealer 15 Market Square
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