The Three Pigeons (27 High Street) and 29-31 High Street

27-31 High Street in 1946The sign of the Three Pigeons moved across the road from 22 High Street, apparently as the result of the fire of 1775. The following information concerns the whole block of property between the Windmill Inn on the north and 25 High Street (Lime Cottage) on the south. It was all in the same ownership until 1795 and after 1840. The Three Pigeons was what is now no.27 but may have included part of 29 too. For a short time it was Winslow's coaching inn before losing out to The Bell. According to A.J. Clear, the Three Pigeons was "a great resort of cattle dealers, especially Welsh ones". It closed as an inn when the proprietor William Jones died in 1857, or soon afterwards. The photo on the right shows 27-31 High Street (and the Windmill Inn on the right) in 1946 when they had bay windows which have since been removed.

Maps showing the Three Pigeons
27-31 High Street in 1880, 1899 and 1978; "PH" indicates The Windmill

1753-65: Alehouse Recognizances
The name of the inn changed from the Swan to the Three Pigeons in the 1770s, so this may refer to the same place.
Swan / White Swan : William Winman
Mary Winman, probably William's wife, was buried in 1765. William Winmen, parish clerk, was buried in 1769.

1776: manor court
Rebecca Gibbs wife of Stephen Gibbs glover died since the last court seized of an undivided moiety of two messuages in Cow Street now or late in the occupation of Benjamin Ingram, Thomas Griffin, William George, Thomas Ives, Sarah Wilson widow and John Walker.  John Gibbs glover her eldest son and heir at law was admitted tenant. 
Stephen Gibbs glover and Rebecca his wife held for their lives a moiety of the same with remainder to the heir of their two bodies.  John Gibbs their son was admitted tenant.  Procedure of common recovery, after which John Gibbs was again admitted.
[Stephen Gibbs, breeches maker aged 34, and Rebecca Morris aged 26, both of Winslow, got married at Stowe in 1750. Rebecca was daughter of John & Alice Morris, Stephen was son of John & Elizabeth Gibbs. John son of Stephen and Rebecca Gibbs was baptised in 1753.]

1776: Alehouse Recognizances
Three Pigeons: Thomas Footman

1777: 8 April: Sun Insurance, 11936/256/382479

John Gibbs of Winslow glover
On his house and leantoos adjoining in the tenure of Thomas Ives bellman
House brewhouse and leantoos adjoining called the Swan in the tenure of Thomas Footman victualler
Tenement stable barn leantoos under one roof separate in said tenure 
House only adjoining the Swan Alehouse aforesaid in the tenure of William George shopkeeper 
Two houses only adjoining in the tenure of  … Griffin … Walker
Barn only adjoining    
House brewhouse and leantoos adjoining separate from the above called the Windmill in the tenure of Thomas Carter victualler  
Barn and pigsties adjoining each other separate from the above

1780: burial of Thomas Footman

1780: 7 July, Sun Insurance, 11936/284/430754

John Gibbs of Winslow victualler and glover

On his house and leantoos adjoining in Winslow in the tenure of Thomas Ives  thatched


On his now dwelling house and brewhouse and leantoos adjoining the above thatched

Household goods therein only
Utensils and stock therein only
Wearing apparel therein only
House only adjoining in the tenure of William George shopkeeper
Two houses only adjoining in the tenure of Griffin and Walker  thatched

House brewhouse and leantoos adjoining near in the tenure of Thomas Carter victualler  thatched [=Windmill Inn]

Barn pigsties adjoining separate  thatched
Two stables and coalhouse adjoining separate  thatched in his own tenure
Utensils and stock therein only
All in Winslow aforesaid

1780-85: Alehouse Recognizances
Three Pigeons: John Gibbs

1781: Warrington, Kingbury, Banbury, Buckingham and Winslow Coaches (see Turnpike)
stop at the Three Pigeons, at Winslow, to take up and set down Passengers and Parcels.
Stagecoach adverts from 1767 include the Three Pigeons, so the coaching trade seems to have moved across the road with the inn sign.

1781: Land Tax
John Gibbs Swan (owner & occupier) 5s 2d
John Gibbs (owner)      John Walker (occupier) 2s 0d
                                    Thomas Griffin (occupier) 1s 9d
                                    Catherine George widow (occupier) 2s 6½d
                                    Thomas Ives (occupier) 1s 6d
                                    Late John Gibbs empty 2s 0d

1782: 27 July, Sun Insurance, 11936/303/462813

John Gibbs of Winsiow victualler

On his now dwelling house and four tenements barn and leantoos all under one roof situate as aforesaid in the tenure of himself Ives George Griffin and Walker

On his household goods in his said dwelling house only
On his stock therein
On his wearing apparel therein only
Two stables and barn adjoining each other separate
House only called the Windmill near in the tenure of William Edwin
Barn and pigsties only adjoining near

1786: Land Tax
John Gibbs (owner), William Higgons (occupier) 2s 2d
                        Thomas Griffin (occupier) 1s 10¼d
                        Catharine George (occupier) 2s 9d
                        Himself (occupier) 5s 0¼d

1790-1800: Alehouse Recognizances
Three Pigeons: Catherine Hazzard widow

1792: manor court
John Gibbs of Winslow Glover and Elizabeth his wife mortgaged to James Burnham the Elder of Winslow gent. for £100 the Windmill Inn and:
Four messuages in Cow Street now in the occupations of William Maydon, Kitty Hazard widow, Catherine George widow and Thomas Griffin, with houses outhouses Edifices Buildings Barns Stables Yards Orchards Gardens backsides

1795: Land Tax
John Gibbs glover (owner), Griffins & Maydon (occupiers) 2s 11¾d
John Gibbs glover (owner), Mrs Hazzard (occupier) 5s 1¼d
John Gibbs glover (owner), Widow George (occupier) 4s 11¼d
The variations in Land Tax up to 1795 imply changes in the way the property was divided and what was included.

1795: Directory
Hazzard, Mrs., Victualler.

1795: manor court
Surrender:  John Gibbs of Winslow glover and Elizabeth his wife
Admission:  Kitty Hazard
All that Messuage or Tenement situate and being in Cow Street in Winsiow aforesaid now or late in the tenure or occupation of Kitty Hazard with all the yard garden barns stables buildings and appurtenances (except and always reserved to the said John Gibbs his heirs and assigns and his and their occupiers and tenants for the time being of the Messuages and Tenements now in the occupation of William Maydon, Kitty George and Thomas Griffin and each of them the full use of the pump in the said yard and likewise the necessary (house) in common with the said Kitty Hazard her heirs and assigns.

From this point no.27 was in separate ownership from no.29 until William Jones (d.1886, Kitty Hazzard's grandson) bought no.29 in 1840.

1796: manor court
Kitty Hazard of Winslow widow on 13 Nov 1795 mortgaged to Robert Taylor of Whaddon yeoman for £70:
Messuage in Cow Street in her own occupation called the Three Pigeons and Houses Outhouses Edifices Buildings Barns Stables Yards Gardens backsides.
Repayment was recorded in 1806.

1796: G.M. Woodward, Eccentric Excursions
... the afternoon is spent in waiting anxiously for the arrival of the Banbury coach from London, in order to look at the passengers when they alight at the Three Pigeons

1805: manor court
Kitty Hazard late of Winslow widow held a messuage in Cow Street late in her own occupation with Yard & Garden to which she was admitted 28-29 Oct 1795 on the surrender of John Gibbs (except and reserved as in the Surrender).  She died since the last court having surrendered to the use of her will.  By her will dated 8 Sep 1803 she devised unto her son James Hazard "the messuage wherein I lately dwell called the Three Pidgeons".  James desires to be admitted subject as in the will is mentioned. 

1805: Land Tax
John Gibbs glover (owner), Thos Griffin (occupier):  1s 5¾d
John Gibbs glover (owner), John Cowley (occupier): 4s 11¼d
James Hazzard (owner & occupier): 5s 1¼d

1805-20: Alehouse Recognizances
Three Pigeons: James Hazzard

1814: Land Tax
John Gibbs (owner), Thos Griffin (occupier):  1s 5¾d
John Gibbs (owner), William Lomath & J Gibbs (occupiers): 4s 11¼d
James Hazzard (owner & occupier): 5s 1¼d

1821: Will of James Hazzard, victualler (proved 1823)
I Give and devise unto my Wife Ann Hazzard All that my Copyhold Messuage or Tenement situate in Winslow aforesaid wherein I now dwell called or known by the name or Sign of the Three Pigeons

1823: manor court
Admission:  Ann Hazzard of Winslow widow of James Hazzard late of Winslow victualler deceased
All that Messuage or Tenement situate and being in Cow Street in Winsiow aforesaid within this Manor heretofore in the occupation of Kitty Hazzard and lately of the said James Hazzard with the yard garden and appurtenances .... the said James Hazzard was admitted 28 and 30 October 1805 as devisee of the said Kitty Hazzard
Ann Hazzard then mortgaged it to John Markham.

1823: Land Tax
John Gibbs (owner), Thos Griffin (occupier):  1s 5¾d
John Gibbs (owner), John Gibbs & B. Rollins (occupiers): 4s 11½d
Mrs Hazzard (owner & occupier): 5s 1¼d

1828: Alehouse Recognizances
Three Pigeons: Ann Hazzard

1828: Northampton Mercury, 4 Oct

Household Furniture,
Nag Mare and Colt, Sheep, Pigs, dung Carts, AND EFFECTS.
To be SOLD by AUCTION, By S. Dudley,

On Tuesday, 7th October 1828, on the Premises of Mrs. ANN HAZZARD, at the Three Pigeons Public House, WINSLOW, Bucks, who is leaving the same;

COMPRISING four-post and bureau Bedsteads, feather Beds, Blankets, Counterpanes and Quilts, 12 Pair of Sheets, and table Linen;  oak linen Chest, Chests of Drawers, mahogany Bureau, oak dressing Tables, washhand Stands, bedside Carpets, pier Glasses, Clock and Case, mahogany Windsor and flag Chairs, mahogany dinner Tray, oak folding and round Tables, Barometer, wine Decanters and Glasses, kitchen Utensils, in Copper, Brass, and Tin;  12-gallon Copper, 70-gallon Ditto, stone Sink; useful hackney Mare and horse Colt, four Sheep, and two store Pigs;  two narrow-wheel Carts, large double corn Bin, two step Ladders, cart Harness and odd Ditto, chaff Box and Knife, pig Trough, Forks, Rakes, working Tools, and various other Effects.

The Sale will commence at Eleven o’Clock.

1830:  Directory
William Jones Three Pigeons High Street
William Jones baker High Street

1832: Land Tax
John Gibbs (owner), John Lomath (occupier): house 1s 5¾d
John Gibbs (owner), John Gibbs & G. Lomath (occupiers): house 4s 11½d
Mrs Hazzard (owner), William Jones (occupier): house The Pigeons 5s 1¼d

1834: manor court
John Gibbs late of Winslow glover & victualler held the Windmill Inn and:
Two undivided moieties of two messuages in Cow Street, heretofore in the occupations of Thomas Ives, Sarah Wilson widow & John Walker; since of John Gibbs & George Lomath & John Lomath; now of George Lomath & John Lomath & Rebecca Dawney. 
To one moiety he was admitted in 1776 as eldest son & heir of Rebecca Gibbs, wife of Stephen Gibbs of Winslow, glover.  To the other he was admitted at the same court after a recovery. 
By his will of 1788 he devised all to his wife Elizabeth Gibbs for her life, then to his two children Rebecca & John and any other children to be born.  Elizabeth died in his life time.  Now Rebecca Gibbs (now Rebecca Dawney widow), John Gibbs & Margaret wife of Robert Biggerstaff of Westminster gent (formerly Margaret Gibbs) desire to be admitted. 

1835: manor court
John Gibbs of Cuddington butcher; Rebecca Dawney of Winslow widow; Robert Biggerstaff of Westminster gent and Margaret his wife (the heirs of John Gibbs, deceased) sold for £300 to Joseph King of Winslow wheelwright the Windmill Inn and
Two Messuages in Cow Street heretofore in the respective occupations of Thomas Ives, Sarah Wilson widow and John Walker; since of the said John Gibbs deceased and George Lomath and John Lomath; now of the said George Lomath John Lomath and Rebecca Dawney … said John Gibbs Rebecca Dawney and Margaret wife of the said Robert Biggerstaff admitted 7 October 1834 as only children and devisees of the said John Gibbs deceased
Joseph and Elizabeth King then mortgaged the whole property to Josiah King for £200.

1838: will of William Jones, victualler (proved 1857)
I have contracted with my Mother in Law Ann Hazzard for the purchase of a copyhold Messuage or Tenement in Winslow aforesaid called the Three Pigeons now occupied by me with the Bakehouse yard garden and other the appurtenances thereto belonging but such purchase has not yet been completed ... [trustees were given power to mortgage or sell]

Church rate for the Three Pigeons
1838-1844/5    William Jones sr          4s 2d
1845/6-1856    William Jones sr          5s 2.5d
1857-1863       William John Jones     5s 2.5d
It stops being listed as PH or Pigeons in 1856 when it becomes House & Buildings

1839: Robson's Directory
Jones William...................................Three Pigeons
Lomath George.......................Boot & Shoe Maker

1840: manor court
Joseph King of Winslow wheelwright & victualler and Elizabeth his wife (of The Windmill) on 18 June 1840 sold for £200
to William Jones of Winslow, baker and Sarah his wife for their lives, then William’s heirs & assigns:
Two messuages in Cow Street heretofore in the occupations of Thomas Ives, Sarah Wilson widow & John Walker; since of John Gibbs and George Lomath and John Lomath; late of George Lomath, John Lomath and Rebecca Dawney; now of George Lomath, John Lomath & John Willmer.

  High Street looking north
27 and 29 have rather different fronts which probably predate their both coming into William Jones' ownership in 1840

1840: Northampton Mercury, 14 March
James Walker was indicted for stealing a ham and a quantity of flour, the property of Wm. Jones, of Winslow.   Mr. Maltby was for the prosecution, and Mr. Gunning for the defence. Wm. Jones stated that the property was stolen from his bakehouse;  he traced footsteps from the bakehouse towards the prisoner’s cottage where the ham was afterwards found.   Prisoner said he bought it of Mrs. French. The prisoner absconded but was re-taken. – Guilty.  He had been convicted of larceny 21 years ago, and he had been in gaol on eight other occasions.   Ten Years’ Transportation.

1841: Census [north to south, starting south of The Windmill]

1842: Pigot's Directory
Three Pigeons William Jones, High st
Lomath George, High st, boot and shoe maker

1845: Will of Ann Hazzard, widow (proved 1851)

1847: Will of William Jackman, tailor
I request that my remains may not be interred until the expiration of ten days after my death that they may be buried in a plain coffin in Winslow Church yard as near as may be to the tree nearest the Three Pigeons Public House in a bricked grave three feet deep and arched over that grave stones may be erected to my memory and the following verse inscribed at the bottom of the head stone "Blessed are the Merciful for they shall obtain Mercy"

1850: death of Ann Hazzard.

1851: Census
High Street

Elizabeth Grace Head wid 48 Draper b. Whaddon
Samuel do Son unm 18 Hairdresser b. Whaddon
Mary Ann Cole Head unm 20 Farmer's daughter b. Pilch, Adstock
Ann Kirby Visitor unm 21 Dressmaker b. Charlton upon Otmoor
Three Pigeons
William Jones Head mar 60 Innkeeper b. Marsh Gibbon
Sarah do Wife mar 54 [nee Hazzard] b. Winslow
Eliza do Dau unm 20 Barmaid b. Winslow
Sarah Ann Elliott Gr'dau   2   b. Aylesbury
Mary Stevens Servant unm 18 General servant b. Thornborough
Thomas Holt Servant unm 35 Ag labourer b. Thornborough
Samuel Warner Lodger wid 52 Brewer b. Winslow
John Wood Lodger unm 30 Corporal, Grenadier Guards b. Preston Bissett
Edwin Fleet Lodger unm 20 Grenadier Guards recruit b. Weedon
James do do unm 19 do do

1852: manor court
Mortgage of the Three Pigeons by William & Sarah Jones for £250 to John Cross of Middle Claydon, dairyman

1853: Musson & Craven's Directory
Grace Elizabeth, linen draper, High street
Jones William, victualler, “Three Pigeons,” and baker, High street

1853: William Jones gave evidence against his son-in-law in a case at the Old Bailey
WILLIAM JONES. I keep the Three Pigeons, at Winslow, in Buckinghamshire; I am father-in-law of the prisoner. The name of William Jones on the note is not my writing—I did not give anybody authority to sign it—my son-in-law was in distress.

1857: Oxford Chronicle, 17 Jan
Edward Holland, of Winslow, was charged with having, on Monday, the 11th inst., at Winslow, assaulted Jesse Harding of the same place, labourer.  It appeared that Harding went into the house of William Jones [the Three Pigeons], to light his pipe, and was in the act of doing so, when the defendant struck him [read more]

1857: death of William Jones aged 67; his son William John Jones took over the building but did not continue the inn

1861: Census
High Street

[31 High Street]
Kitty Staniford Head unm 84 Funded property b. Winslow
Sarah Yeates Servant unm 41 General servant do
[29 High Street]
Edward Woodman Head mar 29 Tailor & draper emp. 4 men & 1 boy b. Tring
Harriet do Wife mar 21   b. Haddenham
Samuel do Brother unm 21 Draper's assistant b. Tring
Albert Henson Head mar 24 Basket maker & cane worker b. Stony Stratford
Hannah do Wife mar 23 Dressmaker b. West Bromwich
Ebenezer Ireland Lodger unm 21 Book agent b. Oundle
[27 High Street]
William J. Jones Head mar 43 Grazier b. Winslow
Ann do Wife mar 43   b. Westbury
William J. do Nephew   5 Scholar b. Ramsgate
Ezra Kimble Servant unm 17 General servant b. Hoggeston
Elizabeth Knight Servant unm 21 General servant do

1864: Post Office Directory
Fenn Edward, grocer & provision dealer, High street
Jones William John, cattle dealer, High street

1871: Census
High Street

[29 High Street]
Annie Fenn Head wid 26 Grocer b. Woburn
Annie L. do Dau   6 Scholar b. Winslow
Eli Grace Shopman unm 25 Grocer's shopman b. Quainton
Fred Lenton do unm 23 do b. Kimbolton
Lucy A. French Servant   15 General servant b. Winslow
[27 High Street]
William J. Jones Head mar 53 Cattle dealer & landowner b. Winslow
Mary A. do Wife mar 37   b. Blakesley, Northants
Annie L. do Dau   3   b. Winslow
Elizabeth J. [=Edith] do Dau   2   do
Frances M. do Dau   1   do
Mary Walker Servant unm 20 General servant b. North Marston
Sarah Tompkins do   14 Nursemaid b. Gt Horwood
Emanuel Clark do unm 17 Milkman b. Singleborough

1876: Harrod's Directory
Jones, William jun., farmer and dealer, High Street

Rear view of 29-31 High Street
This photo taken from the church tower shows the rear of 29-31 High Street as it appears on the 1899 map (above). Although the rear courtyard now looks as if it belonged to a coaching inn, it only developed in the 19th century.

1881: Census
High Street

[31 High Street]
William A. Haw Head mar 30 Comm. traveller b. Leeds
Sarah A. do Wife mar 28   b. Tadcaster
Mabel do Dau   7 Scholar b. Leeds
William A. do Son   5 do do
Thomas E. do Son   3 do do
Harry do Son   3m   b. Winslow
[29 High Street]
Thomas Ridgway Head mar 27 Grocer emp. 1 boy b. Hillesden
Maria do Wife mar 27   b. North Marston
Elizabeth M. do Dau   4 Scholar b. Winslow
Francis T. do Son   2


b. Winslow
Ellen Cook Servant   14 General servant b. Finmere
[27 High Street]
William J. Jones Head mar 63 Dairyman 97a emp. 2 men 1 boy b. Winslow
Mary A. do Wife mar 48   b. Blakesley, Northants
Annie L. do Dau   13 Scholar b. Winslow
Edith J. do Dau   12 do do
Frances M. do Dau   11 do do
Clara M. do Dau   9 do do
Mary A. Ridgway Servant unm 17 General servant b. Gt Horwood

1886: will of William John Jones, farmer & cattle dealer
I devise the house in which I reside together with the house and shop occupied by Thomas Ridgway and the Cottage occupied by [blank space] also the house adjoining the one in my occupation and occupied by Mrs. Morgan and purchased by me of James Walker [=25 High St] and all which premises are under one roof and are situate in the Buckingham road in Winslow aforesaid with the respective outbuildings and appurtenances thereto belonging ... unto my Daughter Edith Jane Jones her heirs and assigns absolutely

1888: valuation of Thomas Ridgway's effects after his death (Centre for Bucks Studies, D/WIG/2/1/19)
[f.16] Valuation of Household Furniture The stock in Trade of a Grocer &c High Street Winslow Late the property of Mr Thos Ridgway deceased Taken for administration
April 24th 1888
Sitting Room
Mahogany dining table & cover
Pianoforte in walnut case & music stool
Fender & fire irons
6 chairs & 1 ladys & 1 gentlemans chairs
Pier glass in gilt frame
Owl in glass case
Chimney ornaments
Carpet & Rom. hearthrug
Time piece
2 Flower vases
Chimney ornaments
2 oligraphs
Dining Room
Dining Room suite in Walnut & green
Couch 6 Chairs & Easy chair Walnut wood &c
2 ol\eo/graphs in gilt frame
Black \overmantel/ornamental
Fender & fire irons
Brussels carpet to Room
Mahogany table & maroon cloth cover
2 Flower vases with lustres
Pair of D(itt)o
[f.17] 2 Baskets
Gipsy Table
2 drawings in oak frames
Timepiece under Glass Shade
Needle work in Leather cover
Brussels stair carpet
D(itt)o to landing
2 Wool mats
Bedroom No. 1
French bedstead & bedding
Cane seat chair
2 boxes
Carpet to Room
Part of maple chest of drawers
Bedroom No. 2
Iron French bedstead
Washstand P(ar)t service
Long Glass
Cane seat chair
Bedroom No. 3
Iron French bedstead & bedding
P(ar)t Maple dressing table
Swing glass
P(ar)t Washstand
Towel Horse
Toilet service
Box Ottoman
Chimney ornaments
P(ar)t Iron French bedstead
Cane seat chair
Carpet to Room
5 Door mats
Carpet to landing
[f.18] Bedroom No. 4
Iron French bedstead (brass mounted)
2 cane seat chairs
Half circular front marble top Washstand
Toilet service
2 glazed open texts
Engraving \in/ gold frame
3 chairs
Dressing table & looking glass
Towel Horse
Carpet to room
Bedroom No. 5
Brass m(oun)t(e)d Iron French bedstead 
Towel Horse
Part maple washstand & Dressing table
Swing glass
Box &c
Carpet &c
Chest of drawers
Deal Kitchen table & \with Drawer & Cover/
Kitchen Table
4 chairs 2 Windsor chairs
3 Black tin meat covers
Fender & fire irons
Sewing machine & case
Q(uantit)y of wood & coal
2 Door Mats
Umbrella stand
[f.19] Bowl
Tent Kettle
4 Saucepans
Crockery ware
Tea service
Knives & forks
A Quantity of Silver

Brown Nag Horse
Spring cart
Dog cart
Set of Harness
                                                                    58 – 15 - 6
The Stock in Trade of a Grocer                   135 -  0 -  0          
Am(oun)t of Valuation                               £193 – 15 -6

1891: Census
High Street

[31 High Street]
William Stonell Head mar 32 Carpenter & joiner b. North Marston
Louisa do Wife mar 34 [nee Roads] b. Winslow
Rupert George do Son   14 Draper's assistant do
Alice Maud Mary do Dau   11 Scholar do
William do Son   8 do do
Jesse do Son   4 do do
[29 High Street]
Maria Ridgway Head wid 39 Grocer b. North Marston
Elizabeth M. do Dau   14 Scholar b. Winslow
Francis Thomas do Son   12


Edward Henry do Son   9 do do
Minnie Maria do Dau   7 do do
Annie Foskett Servant   14 General servant b. Granborough
[27 High Street]
Mary A. Jones Head wid 56 Living on own means b. Weedon, Northants
Annie Louisa do Dau unm 23 do b. Winslow
Edith Jane do Dau   22 do do
Frances Mary do Dau   21 do do
Clara Matilda do Dau   19   do
Mary Wilmore Servant   14 General servant do

1892: Buckingham Advertiser, 25 June: Winslow Petty Sessions
  EXCISE.- Mrs. W. J. Jones, of High Street, Winslow, was charged by the excise with keeping a male servant without a licence.- Mrs. Jones pleaded guilty and said she had no idea that she required a licence, as the man did not wear livery, and did not live in the house.  She took out a licence as soon as she knew.- Supervisor Lewis said a declaration form was sent to defendant, and then another one, and then she was called upon to explain why she had not taken out a licence.- The Bench said the case appeared to have arisen through thoughtlessness but defendant had rendered herself liable to a heavy penalty.  This time they would dismiss it on payment of 5/6 costs.

1892: Buckingham Advertiser, 25 June
TO LET, in High Street, Winslow, BUSINESS PREMISES, Shop and 7 Rooms. Apply to Mrs. W.J. Jones, Winslow.

1895: Kelly's Directory
Jones Mrs. High street (private resident)

1897: Buckingham Advertiser, 31 July
To let at once: house, shop and business premises. Apply to Miss E. Jones, High Street, Winslow.

1901: Census
High Street

[31 High Street]
Elizabeth Ingram Head unm 45   b. Winslow
Harry do Brother unm 50 Butcher (worker) do
[29 High Street]
Richard A. Mumford Head mar 29 Baker & confectioner b. Stony Stratford
Jessie do Wife mar 29   b. Theale, Berks
Stella Hogg Visitor   4


b. Nash
Joseph Thomas Tompkins Servant unm 20 Baker b. Charndon
Wilfred Roland Tattam do   13 do b. Mursley
[27 High Street]
Edith Jane Jones Head unm 32 Living on own means b. Winslow
Ellen Perrott Servant unm 16 General servant b. Wotton Underwood

1903: Kelly's Directory
Mumford William, baker, High street

1910: Survey
Owner: Miss Edith Jones, Moreton House, Vale Square, Ramsgate
Occupants: Elizabeth French (house), Sidney Plank (shop & house), W.H. Stevens (shop & house)

High Street looking north
This photo from the early 1900s shows two shop fronts; the shop window of no.27 appears to have been removed while it was a private residence for Miss Jones.

1911: Census
High Street

4 rooms [31 High Street]:
Elizabeth Ann French Head unm 52 Dressmaker b. Winslow
Wilfred Roland Tattam Boarder unm 23 Baker b. Mursley
William James Phillips do unm 20 Tailor b. Swanbourne
9 rooms [29 High Street]:
Sidney Plank Head mar 36 Baker b. Earlestoke, Wilts
Mildred do Wife mar 33 Ass. in business b. Highworth, Wilts
Fred do Son   11


Millicent do Dau   9   do
Dorothy do Dau   8   do
Casty do Dau   6   do
Leslie do Son   4   b. Hanwell, Middx
Norman Parker Assistant unm 22 Baker, employee b. Marcham, Berks
9 rooms [27 High Street]:
William Hall Stevens Head mar 55 Tailor b. Bicester
Annie Agnes do Wife mar 48 married 26 years, 6/7 children living b. Wellingborough
Leonard Blunson do Son unm 24 Ship's clerk b. Winslow
Winifred Nora do Dau   8   do

1922: Will of Edith Jane Jones of Ramsgate, spinster (proved 1926)
She left her property in Winslow in trust for her adopted daughter.

1939: Kelly's Directory
Holden, Sam. R., hunting & sporting tailor & outfitter, 27 High St.
Turner, Geo. Arth. Donald, baker, 29 High St.

1939: Almanack
27 High Street: S.R. Holden
29 High Street: D. Turner; G. Mathers
31 High Street: Cyril French

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